Leftover Crack / 46 Short tour diary
AKA: The "Man, we really hate GREAT WHITE" journals.

Feb. 28th 2003 -Pomona, CA @ The Glass House
700 people show up to see LoC's first LA show in over a year. People are
yelling song requests and slamming up a storm while we played. We are
shocked. The best response we have ever gotten at a local show yet.
Tons of local bands show up to hang out and drink the bands beer..

March 1st - Sacramento, CA @ The Capital Garage
The first of many times the "Great White curse" hits our tour. Due to
the incident back east where the band Great White burned a club down
and killed close to 100 people, police and fire marshals across the US
are now clamping down on smaller clubs and reducing the number of
tickets they can sell per show. The Capital Garage used to be able to
get a few hundred people inside but the city had that reduced to 150 a
night. Try explaining that to the 400 people who came to see the show.
All bands decided to play shortened sets and do two shows in one night
to solve the problem (somewhat). During our first set the police came
and stopped a show and said that the venue could only have 87 people in
it and then would not let anyone under 18 in the venue after the 10pm
curfew!!. So after almost an hour Leftover Crack played while Sturgeon
went outside with the mic and sang to the kids who couldn't get in.
People were dancing on the sidewalk which angered the police and so they
shut down the show completely. Another reason why the cops stink. This
was also the first of three shows with SCARP on the tour. They came all
the way from Seattle to play 3 shows and not only were a great band,
but great people as well. After the show we took off and stayed with
friends Allison and Adam who were kind enough to let us stay in their
home. A nice change from the usual "punk" houses we get to stay in on
most tours.

March 2 - San Francisco, CA @ The Pound
Playing the bay area is something we always look forward to. We got to
Oakland early to see our amazing friends Mr and Mrs. Roadie who greeted
us with hugs and cold beers then took us downstairs to "Roadieworld"
were we proceeded to get our asses kicked by Mr. Roadie at foosball (we
love foosball). After great hot meal prepared by Mrs. Roadie we took
off to the Pound only to find that that promoter AJ Insipid was sick
and pushing a 100+ fever. Tonight we were lucky to get to play with
BORN DEAD who are one of the best hardcore bands around right now. A
great night overall that ended with us back at Roadieworld for more
drinks and foosball. (And Mr. Roadie even let us win a few games...).
We can't wait to get back to the bay area to play again...if we can
pull ourselves away from the Roadieworld foosball table.

March 4 - Reno NV @ Arkaik
Reno: gambling and bars that are open all night....a lethal combo (and
we still have to play Vegas). We arrive early and it's damn cold. We
check into a casino/hotel and get some showers then head over to the
venue. Arkaik is a great place, it's a combo record shop and nightclub.
A really nice set up and the owner Steve is very cool and supportive of
the music scene. Steve told us the fire marshall had shut down Arkaik a
few days earlier till he made some repairs and then had his legal
capacity cut in half ( The Great White curse strikes again). To make
matters worse a fire marshal was in attendance to make sure the show
was not oversold. Although the show started out sketchy everything
worked out fine. This was SCARP's last night with us and despite that
drummer Joe was sick, they played an intense live set. We met a lot of
great people and played well too. We definitely plan on coming back to
Arkaik again.

March 6 - Las Vegas, NV @ The Huntridge Theatre
We got into Vegas the day before to sate our appittite for 10 cent
roulette and $1.99 breakfast. The Huntridge is HUGE and the staff
their are really cool. The guys from CURL UP AND DIE came to hang out
and give us a copy of their new EP's (both are amazing). Our set was
plagued with problems. Nathan broke the bass drum pedal and the huge
stage just kinda kept us from feeding off any energy. We played well
considering what we were up against and the people seemed to like us but we really
owe Vegas a better performance. LoC almost had to cancel as Sturgeon
was really sick, but he managed to pull off a whole set and the crowd
were happy. After the show..more 10 cent roulette.....

March 7 - Phoenix, AZ @ The Big Fish Pub
After a long boring desert drive it was great to see the 500+ people who
came to the show. What wasn't so great was that the Big Fish can only
hold 350 and the fire marshall had just cut the club capacity to 150
the day before. (We are really pissed at Great White now..) So here we
go again..we decide to play 2 shows and hope the place doesn't get shut
down in the process. Then just as the first band is playing (on the
first show) there is a major two car smash up right outside of the
club. That's it..shows over. Luckily the police, fire dept. and
paramedics are too concerned about tending to the accident victims than
a punk show so both shows go off without a problem and no fire marshall
showing up to ruin our good time. Both shows were crazy. The crowd in
Phoenix knows how to have a good time and were giving it their all when
we played ( both times). The club was hot, stinky and beer fueled. This
show was a highlight of the tour for both us and Leftover Crack. We
can't wait to come back. After the show the promoters Tyler and Steve
took us to the home of the Fuck You Ups for an after show gathering and
laughs. Their singer Eric is a riot and looks like Elvis.... you can't
mess with that.

March 8 - San Diego, CA @ The Epicentre
Plenty of room at this place and still the show sells out. 500+ people
come to sweat and smoke cigarettes in the bathrooms. Locals Mother
Russia and PBR tear it up before we go on. We like playing in SD as the
scene is pretty tight and everyone is always cool to us. The crowd goes nuts
for Leftover Crack as usual. One of the best shows of the tour, but we
miss playing at Xanth...

March 9 - Los Angeles @ Fais Do Do
Last show of the tour. Our pals CHEAP SEX play their first show in LA
and did a great job of winning the crowd over. THE RESISTANCE play
their first show in ages. We play one of our best sets of the tour and
get one of the best responses we have ever gotten at an LA show. We are
usually greeted by blank stares and no movement.. This time people
actually dance, (maybe it was the beer??). Gave away a lot of CD demos
too.. hopefully people liked em. Leftover Crack took the stage and in
true punk rock fashion all hell breaks loose. People panic,
pyrotechnics go off and a fire starts.. no wait.. I made that up.
Tour over.

The End.