GO-KART RECORDS is one of New York's longest running outlets for independent music. Since 1994, we have brought bands like ANTI-FLAG, THE LUNACHICKS, BUZZCOCKS, TOXIC NARCOTIC and many more to the forefront of the punk scene. Now, continuing our long history of bucking trends and blazing trails, we are very proud to announce the release of the GO-KART MP300 RACEWAY this November 4th. Not only is this an awesome compilation CD with 300 songs (yes, 300 songs!) from 150 bands, it's also the FIRST EVER commercially sold MP3 CD. 
Again, that's 300 songs from 150 bands (all CD quality MP3s) on two CDs for only $9.99!
The story behind the MP300: As reported by IDG (International Data Group), "MP3" has replaced the term "sex" as the most popular search category on the Internet. This reinforces the importance MP3 technology has acquired in recent years, especially since file sharing and p2p (peer to peer) websites like Napster opened up a new direction in music distribution. By reacting with raised CD prices instead of seizing the opportunities offered by new technologies, the music business has largely slept through the digital music revolution. Rather than blame declining sales on piracy like the rest of the music industry has done, Go-Kart has decided to exploit the situation to its fullest potential. The music industry's future lies in new technologies like MP3s, and it's about time that musicians and record labels began looking forward instead of just trying to cover their own collective behinds!
The GO-KART MP300 RACEWAY symbolizes more than just an adaptation to the changes in technology and consumers' demands. For us, it represents the freedom to develop music without the constraints of the music industry establishment. The relationship between artist and consumer
MUST be more interactive, independent, and rewarding for everyone involved. Outmoded definitions of profit and success should no longer get in the way of music that deserves to be heard by the people that want to hear it!
With the GO-KART MP300 RACEWAY, we have availed ourselves of the advances in hardware and software to promote these one hundred and fifty artists and their music more effectively. The CD features music of many different styles within the punk & hardcore genres. With this new compilation at the special price of $9.99, music fans have the opportunity to explore many different bands, including well-known artists like ANTI-FLAG, BOUNCING SOULS, AVAIL, SICK OF IT All, DAG NASTY, SHAI HULUD, and THE MOVIELIFE, as well as new and underground groups such as THE SPADES, VIRUS NINE, and THE A.K.A.S!
The GO-KART MP300 RACEWAY is an interactive, enhanced double CD with a virtual MP3 player that allows listeners to gather further band information (including links to the labels' and artists' websites) on their computer. We've also included info sheets on how to burn these MP3s to an audio CD!
This double CD will not play in older CD players. It will, however, play in CD-MP3 players, which are becoming more and more common. Of course, it works perfectly in a computer, too!
Why spend hours online searching for and downloading songs? Now you check out 150 bands you may or may not have heard of, saving yourself a lot of time, money, and aggravation! The GO-KART MP300 RACEWAY is the fast track to new music!

Press Contact:
Melissa Mamatos
Ph: (718) 384-9892
Fax: (718) 384-9893

Here is the complete song list of the GO-KART MP300 RACEWAY:
46 Short - Positively Negative
46 Short - Numb
4 Ft. Fingers - Burn The Bridges
4 Ft. Fingers - Bright Side
Against Me! - Pints Of Guinness
Against Me! - Reinventing Axl Rose
A Global Threat - Social Quarantine
A Global Threat - Cardinal Sin
All Systems Go - Tell Vicky
All Systems Go - Fascination Unknown
Alli With An I - Don't Look Down
Alli With An I - For Future Reference
Allister - Somewhere On The Fullerton
Allister - Overrated
Amazombies - Thumb War
Amazombies - At The Bar
American Distress - Fraudulent Times
American Distress - American Distress
Anatomy Of A Ghost - On To Morning Stars
Anatomy Of A Ghost - Streetlights Empty Wells
Anti Flag - Right To Choose
Anti Flag - No Bloodthirsty Corporations
Antifreeze - Dialogue
Antifreeze - Life's Little Details
Audio Karate - Nintendo '89
Audio Karate - Halfway Decent
August Premiere - Fall
August Premiere - Tuckered Out
Avail - Taken
Avail - Black And Red
Baal - Prize Fighter
Baal - Look At Me
Backslide - Tell Me A Lie
Backslide - Burn Your Flags
Backwood Creatures - Back To You
Backwood Creatures - No. 1
Bantam - Come Undone
Bantam - Waiting For Rescue
Bouncing Souls - Neurotic
Bouncing Souls - The Ballad Of Johnny X
Brazil - Monolithic
Brazil - Erasure
Capture The Flag - It's Over
Capture The Flag - Anti-Gravity Club
Celebrity Murders - Grey On Beige
Celebrity Murders - Not One Of Us
Choke - Framed In Poor Light
Choke - Every Word
Circle - Phonography
Circle - Razorblades
Combatwoundedveteran - My Spine
Combatwoundedveteran - 15 Minutes
Cougars - She Can Wear Gold
Cougars - Dukes A Champ
Crash And Burn - I Love Trash
Crash And Burn - Crash And Burn
Creation Is Crucifixion - Gameboy
Creation Is Crucifixion - Die Slowly
Dag Nasty - Twisted Again
Dag Nasty - Ghosts
Darkest Hour - The Sadist Nation
Darkest Hour - Oklahoma
Darlington - Chelsea
Darlington - Croatian Cutie
Daycare Swindlers - Holy Suicide
Daycare Swindlers - Long Hard Road
DEK - Captain Pickle
DEK - Monsters Crash The Party
Divit - Driver
Divit - Slow Forward Motion
Don't Look Down - Undone
Don't Look Down - Wake Me
Elliott - Believe
Elliott - Song In The Air
Face Tomorrow - Me
Face Tomorrow - Worth The Wait
Fifth Hour Hero - Cut Me Dead
Fifth Hour Hero - Everything
Fleshies - Maelstrom Of Whirling Bullshit
Fleshies - No One
Four Square - Hitmaker
Four Square - Mistreated
Freya - As The Last Light Drains
Freya - Resuscitate
Garrison - Come On Die Young
Garrison - Let's Fight
Gash - Contract Job
Gash - Skinny Together
GBH - Falling Down
GBH - Song For Cathy
Good Riddance - Made To Be Broken
Good Riddance - There's No I In Team
Grabass Charlestons - Beer
Grabass Charlestons - Bossman
Groovie Ghoulies - Chupacabras
Groovie Ghoulies - Hats Off To You (Godzilla)
Guff - Rejected
Guff - Superspecial
Gunmoll - Forget Me Not
Gunmoll - Less Than You Hoped For
Happy Campers - I Finally Wrote A Love Song
Happy Campers - Wave The Flags
Hard Ons - Scared Of It All
Hard Ons - Sunny
Haymarket Riot - Grand Canyon (live)
Haymarket Riot - Placid
I Defy - Hold True
I Defy - The Firing Line
I Farm - If I Ran A Zoo
I Farm - Puzzlement
Icons Of Filth - Just Won't Go
Icons Of Filth - Riddled With Guilt
Intro5pect - Education
Intro5pect - No More Time
Jett Brando - Heavy Rotation
Jett Brando - Yellow
Junction 18 - Dissonant Me
Junction 18 - Life Is A Racetrack
Justin Sane - 61C Days Turned To Nights
Justin Sane - We Found A Place
Kill Your Idols - Nameless
Kill Your Idols - Hardcore Circa 2003
King Prawn - Bring Down The House
King Prawn - If Dawn Comes We Ride
Last Days Of April - All Will Break
Last Days Of April - Playerin
LLynch - Vertigo
LLynch - Betty As The Lighter
Logh - The Contractor And The Assassin
Logh - The Raging Sun
Lost City Angels - Edge Of 21
Lost City Angels - If You Go
Lunachicks - Cumming Into My Own
Lunachicks - I'll Be The One
Maverick - Trust
Maverick - West Palm Beach
Methadones - Accident Waiting To Happen
Methadones - Say Goodbye To Your Generation
Midnight Creeps - Mugshot
Midnight Creeps - Nitetime Nasty
Most Precious Blood - Apparition
Most Precious Blood - Less Than Zero
Motormuschi - Eden
Motormuschi - I Hate Musick
Mr. Zippy - New Beginnings
Mr. Zippy - You Ain't Gonna Believe
None More Black - Banned From Tee
None More Black - Dinner's For Suckers
Northstar - Broken Parachute
Northstar - Rigged And Ready
Over My Dead Body - Anchors Aweigh
Over My Dead Body - Dead Alive
Parasites - Burnt Toast
Parasites - Something To Hold Onto
Pipedown - Risin' Up
Pipedown - The Dark
Pitch Black - Spotlight
Pitch Black - The Wrath
Plain White T's - Fireworks
Plain White T's - Please Don't Do This
Plan A Project - Jim Crow
Plan A Project - Confrontation 101
Planes Mistaken For Stars - Earning Ire
Planes Mistaken For Stars - Leveless
Pseudo Heroes - Here Is Nowhere
Pseudo Heroes - Lonely Guy
Punchline - Play
Punchline - Rewind
Razor Crusade - Fountainhead
Razor Crusade - Team Therapy
Red Rover - Myth Rock
Red Rover - Scream Machine
Revolution Summer - Some Song 1
Revolution Summer - Some Song 2
Riding Bikes - Distance
Riding Bikes - This Family
Rise Against - Heaven Knows
Rise Against - 1000 Good Intentions
Robocop Kraus - Fashion
Robocop Kraus - The Dead Serious
Rock Kills Kid - Be There
Rock Kills Kid - Dream
Roustabouts - Heart Is Gone
Roustabouts - This Town
RX Bandits - Overcome (There Capitulation)
RX Bandits - Sell You Beautiful
Satanic Surfers - State Of Conformity
Satanic Surfers - Thoughts Words Action
Saving Face -One Brite Star
Saving Face - Yours
Selfmademan - Quid Pro Quo
Selfmademan - Who Will Sing To This
Senses Fail - Free Fall Without A Parachute
Senses Fail - One Eight Seven
Shai Hulud - This Song For The True And Passionate Lovers Of Music
Shai Hulud - Two and Twenty Misfortunes
Sick Of It All - District
Sick Of It All - Relentless
Silverstein - Giving Up
Silverstein - Smashed Into Pieces
Sixty Stories - It's So Touching
Sixty Stories - Less Of Me
Small Brown Bike - This Ship
Small Brown Bike - Trains All Talk
Snuff - Boatnick
Snuff - The Other Half Of You
Solea - Even Stranger Days
Solea - Frankie Machine
Somehow Hollow - Kamloops
Somehow Hollow - The Witch Of Glen Cedar Gate
Sonic Dolls - Angry Dolls
Sonic Dolls - Don't Come Around
Spitalfield - I Loved The Way She Said L.A.
Spitalfield - Stolen From Some Great Writer
Star Strangled Bastards - We Will End Your Life
Star Strangled Bastards - Whose War Is It?
Steel Train - Angelica
Steel Train - Blown Away
Sullen - Strawberry Blonde
Sullen - War Forges On
Tabula Rasa - Are We In Our Nations Capitol
Tabula Rasa - More Words Than Not
Teen Idols - Backstabber
Teen Idols - Turning The Tide
The A.K.A.'s - Generation Vexed
The A.K.A.'s - Matchbook Poets
The Apers - Brand New Day
The Apers - Please Don't Change
The Arsons - Let It Go
The Arsons - Whole Life Crisis
The Control - Autofocus
The Control - Head And Shoulders
The Damn Personals - Coast To Coast
The Damn Personals - Fucking In NYC
The Early November - Every Nights Another Story
The Early November - I Want To Hear You Sad
The Enemies - Broken
The Enemies - Through Jaded Eyes
The Escape Engine - Lesson In Futility
The Escape Engine - This Jagged Alibi
The Explosion - Original Thought
The Explosion - Sick Of Modern Art
The Faux - Instrumental
The Faux - Synthetic Heart
The Gadjits - Black Guitar Kalashnikov
The Gadjits - Sixty-Eight Gold
The GC5 - Sheep In Wolf's Clothing
The GC5 - Sparkling Streets
The Ghost - Diffuser
The Ghost - Groundswell
The God Awfuls - Disconnected Youth
The God Awfuls - No Angels
The HollowPoints - Rottin' In My Cell
The HollowPoints - Tonight You're Gonna Die
The Kinison - Hey Hey Hey
The Kinison - Sorry, I'm A Pushover
The Lawrence Arms - Right As Rain (Part 2)
The Lawrence Arms - On With The Show
The Movielife - Face Or Kneecaps
The Movielife - Jamestown
The N.Y. Rel-X - Paranoia
The N.Y. Rel-X - Third World
The Oranges Band - Finns For Our Feet
The Oranges Band - Ok Apartment
The Popsters - Another Girl
The Popsters - Every Minute
The Profits - Profits Over People
The Profits - Secret Cities, Secret Armies
The Promise - Pity For None
The Promise - The Kiss Off
The Remedy Session - Rescue
The Remedy Session - Starting Over
The Shemps - Blind Date
The Shemps - Treat Her Right
The Spades - Hit And Run
The Spades - Who's The Man?
The Suicide File - Laramie
The Suicide File - Twilight
The Vandals - 0233 Remix
The Vandals - We'll All Get Laid
Thought Riot - Black Atch
Thought Riot - Save The Humans
Tiny Elvis - Hell Is Other People
Tiny Elvis - Ruined Beauty
Tommy And The Terrors - All Night Long
Tommy And The Terrors - Ripoff
Toxic Narcotic - Cockroach
Toxic Narcotic - We're All Doomed
Trapdoor Fucking Exit - Everything Is Winding Down
Trapdoor Fucking Exit - Run Idiot Run
T.S.O.L. - Again
T.S.O.L. - Serious
Two Man Advantage - New Season
Two Man Advantage - Hot Rod GTO
Up Syndrome - My Kung Fu Is Your Meth
Up Syndrome - The Textbook Of Your Life
Virus Nine - Perfect Place
Virus Nine - Scars And Stripes
Zombina And The Skeletons - Nobody Likes You
Zombina And The Skeletons - The Grave And Beyond