NEWS - March 1, 2008


Kinda retarded that it's been so long without an update. But like Tom Cruise once said.. "sometimes you just have to say.. what the fuck!" And we did. No shows, no rehearsals and just a lot of time spent living life and learning what it was like to NOT be a member of 46 Short. After we played the Vault last July we haven't played a show or practice together since. Actions which beg to ask the following:

1. Are you guys breaking up?
No. We are taking a break.
2. Are you planning to play anytime soon.
No, but we DO plan to play a few times this year. The where and when is unknown. Rest assured, when we do play. The information will be posted here. Honest.
3. Is there something you're not telling us?
Not really, we still see each other quite often. Either at a show or to grab a drink, believe it or not we actually do like each other. It's one of the reasons why the band has lasted as long as it has.
4. You you miss playing shows?
Absolutely. But sometimes you just gotta say..

Be aware that just cause we aren't making an effort to play live doesn't mean we haven't been creative. We all are making noise and art in one form or another. Jeremy has become the quite the toast of Long Beach. His mixers have gotten him quite noticed in the local papers and there is talk of a publishing deal and reality show. Nick has a cover band that tours on cruise ships. (they play ABBA and IRON MAIDEN covers for geriatrics). Andy is involved in a secret government project that keeps his whereabouts unknown for long periods of time. At least that is what he tells us (he's probably back in jail..). Meanwhile Ron has been trying out for various reality TV shows. So far he's been turned down by Survivor, The Apprentice and Celebrity Rehab. Last Jan. we participated in BYO's Annual Punk Rock Bowling Tournament in Las Vegas. Our 3rd year reppin' for TKO Records. Although we 'narrowly' missed taking top prize (sure..). We had an amazing time and a LOT of booze. See for yourself.

Punk Rock Bowling '08

Also, we found an mp3 of a song we did for a comp. CD way back. It also ended up on a split 7" in Germany. Figured we'd post it on our myspace player for your download pleasure. Enjoy.
Till next time..
(still) -The Short

NEWS - May 21, 2007
Thanks for a great show at the Showcase Theatre last weekend!!! New show added....TKO 10 Year Anniversary show at the Vault in Long Beach, CA on July 21st. It will be a great show and we are very excited to play with all the TKO bands but especially punk rock legends POISON IDEA. Get your tickets early and see you there.

NEWS - April 18th, 2007
Our return to playing shows could not have been a better experience. Kudos to BAD REACTION and WHOLESALE MURDER for blasting out hardcore sonics that blew us away. SOCIAL UNREST were as good as you would hope they would be. 'Making Room for Youth', 'Rat in a Maze' all the hits were played and they were in top form. Hopefully they'll return to L.A. soon. Thanks again to Gonzo / London Calling and Eric from BAD SAMARITANS for asking us to play and hosting a great DIY show.
Monday nights show with The Adicts was what you'd expect it to be. Sold out. Tons of kids packed like sardines - dying to see their UK heroes and all the circus antics. (One thing for sure. The Adicts do give their fans their money's worth and it was cool to get to play with another legendary band). It was great to finally return to the Showcase. Thanks to all the kids who gave it thier all while we played and kept the pit going.

This weekend we hit Ventura to play with ILL REPUTE, BAD SAMARITANS and TIPPERS GORE. We also just confirmed the record release show w/ CAREER SOLDIERS in Corona in mid-May.Hope to see you guys there..

As most of you all have probably heard, 32 people were killed in Virginia by a lone (and most likely mentally unstable) gunman. Seems a shame that a bunch of people can become a victim of circumstance by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Also a shame that this seems to be a pattern of behavior that is becoming more and more common in our country. Some idiot with access to a gun decides to take his problems out on the rest of the world. Things like this are a reminder that life is temporary and we shouldn't take those that we care about for granted. Here's to those that have fallen and to those we wish to be in our lives for many years to come.
-The Short

NEWS - March 6, 2007
Another long absence from the blogosphere, but not without good reason. We've been keeping ourselves busy. We finally have a regular practice spot and so we've been rehearsing again and ready to play again. Many thanks to Eric Lara from the BAD SAMARITANS and Gonzo from London Calling too for getting our asses on stage again. Now, we always have a good time playing, but it's even better when you get to play with bands that have inspired you. The upcoming gigs with SOCIAL UNREST and ILL REPUTE mean a lot more to us than 'just another show'. Hopefully you can make it to one (or both).

To those of you messaging 'when you going to play the Showcase Theatre?" WE ARE WORKING ON IT! OK, that's it for now. Thanks for all the emails and comments on the myspace. We'll see you soon.
-The Short

NEWS - December 11th, 2006
Flakey.. like snow
Two months since the last update and still no shows. We're sure that some of you are thinking 'jesus.. what a bunch of flakes'. And you'd be partially right. The planned 'time off' from playing in a band has lasted much longer than planned. Some our own fault, actually ALL of it is our fault. We lost our lockout rehearsal space so basically the band is without a place to store our gear and rehearse. In the bands entire history we've never had a lockout so it's sorta like being homeless. Then, there was the dissapearance of our drummer Nick. Yeah, I know this sounds like another 46 Short lie, but it's true. He actually went missing for a while. We figured he was on some sort of retreat with one of his celebrity friends (that he never introduces to us). When calls went unanswered we started to worry, we thought he might have been abducted by Scientologists. But truth was stranger than fiction. Turns out that Nick had started a band with Josh Barnes (TKO press guru) and they were gigging on a Carnival Cruise ship playing ABBA, Winger, REO Speedwagon covers and hooking up with cougars. Although we were kinda pissed at first - we forgave him cause (as you know) the 46 is all about the cougars. While we try to suss out a new rehearsal place the band has decided to focus on another love that supasses our cougar fixation. BOWLING.

With January around the corner that means that BYO's annual PUNK ROCK BOWLING TOURNAMENT will be here soon. Training has begun as it's on our shoulders to help lead the TKO records team to victory (or random acts of public drunkeness). This year the team is going all out and wearing a team uniform, that should increase our score average by at least 50 points. The PR Bowling tournament combines our 3 favorite things Las Vegas, Bowling, Punk Rock and public intoxication. Wait, that was 4 things.. ahh. fuck it.

We've managed to write this update and not mention anything about music. LAME. Here it is.
TKO Records is now selling our CD "Truth Denied" at their webstore for only $9. It's the PERFECT gift for the one you love, or the one you kinda like.. whatever. Buy it!! You can also pick up other 46 vinyl releases and shirts from there. Just click here and spend spend spend!!!

If you are reading this on myspace page, you'll see we added a video that was found on the net. It appears to be shot during our European tour in 2000 with our old drummer Cris Cordero. As far as shows.. We plan to play again in January - we'll see you there.. Also thanks to all of you for your support this year. For all the bullshit we spew here (all in good fun) we appreciate those of you who support us. The emails, myspace comments, coming to the shows.. it makes it all worth it. Thanks again and have a great holiday and new year.
- The Short

NEWS - October 4th, 2006
Vacation time is over.. time to push PRODUCT!!!

So the explanation for the long absence from any updates is that Andy has gotten himself thrown back in jail (again) and we were not able to disclose any facts regarding his arrest.
OK THAT'S A LIE. But it's certainly a lot more interesting than the truth, which is that we decided to take a break. No rehearsals, no shows.. and trying to remember what it's like to have a personal life. While we were enjoying the many hours poolside at the TKO compound (sipping margaritas and tossing lawn darts at Josh Barnes head), we knew it was time to get back to what we do best. Pretending to be a real band. So we are back rehearsing and should have a few shows lined up soon.

Meanwhile we recieved 25 copies of a split 7" that we did with our friends KROMBACHERKELLERKINDER. It's on clear vinyl and comes in a gatefold sleeve, they are pretty spiffy. Vinyl nerds rejoice!! You can purchase this (as well as 46 Short shirts and other releases) direct from the TKO Records online store.

Also for those of you who like to read (what's that?), we have an interview in the latest issue of Modern Fix magazine.

Thanks to all of you who've been emailing and asking us "what the hell happend to you guys?" it's great to know that some people actually give a damn. We'll be back playing and have you saying "aren't these guys done playing yet!?" in no time. Granted we can keep Andy from going to jail..
-The Short


NEWS - September 12th, 2006
Interview in current issue of MODERN FIX.... stay classy San Diego....

NEWS - August 17th, 2006
The DEATH OR GLORY festival in Woodland CA was an event that could have only happened outside of LA. Punks, Skins, Crusties all gathered to have a great time (and put aside all the drama and elitist bullshit that can ruin the punk and skinhead scene). Too many great bands played to mention them all. Many new friends made, lots of alcohol consumed and a great time had by all who attended . Hats off to Jimmy and Chuck from the WHISKEY REBELS for organizing the event. Thanks to Mark Rainey / TKO, label mates TOMMY AND THE TERRORS and most of all.. the people who bought us beer!!

Wednesday was a blast at Chain Reaction (yes.. AGAIN). with label cronies THE STITCHES and KRUM BUMS. HOMESICK ABORTIONS and TIPPERS GORE played as well and made it a memorable night. Thanks for everyone who turned out on a weeknight to show support and have some fun.
We'll see you soon.... back to Murder She Wrote...
-The Short

NEWS - July 31st, 2006

Audio interview airing on Jack's show "The Punk Rock Demonstration" tonite at 7pm. Should be archived if you miss the incredibly insightful things and stuff we have to say. lol......Thanks Jack and check out his weekly show!

NEWS - July 26th, 2006
Christ it's been hot in Long Beach. You'd think living close to the coast would give us a bit of refuge from the temperature but no dice. It's enough to make you think we are living in Florida. We can only assume what the people of NYC are going through, we've been there in summertime. Yeah.. we know what you are thinking. "Bitch, bitch, bitch... who cares!? Just tell us what you are up to or get off the net".

Well, here goes.... we have not one but two upcoming shows with our Texas pals the KRUM BUMS. This weekend we'll be opening the LOWER CLASS BRATS and KRUM BUMS show at the Allen Theatre in Southgate. We'll be playing first so that means we go on at 7:30 PM. So if you are even slightly interested in seeing us, you best get there early. The second show is a TKO Records beatdown with not one but three TKO bands supplying a punk rock 3-punch combo to the ribs and jaw. (Yeah, yeah we know that was a corny comment). That one is at Chain Reaction with THE STITCHES, KRUM BUMS, TIPPERS GORE and HOMESICK ABORTIONS. Heads up, both of these shows are going to be filmed for an upcoming TKO DVD release. Make sure to show up and look pretty..

Between those two shows we are happy to be part of the DEATH OR GLORY FEST that is happening in Woodland, CA. They just confirmed 7 SECONDS and THE AVENGERS as headline acts for each day. This makes an already great show, even better. You can get info on the fest from their myspace profile www.myspace.com/deathorgloryfest
Time to go back to the rehearsal room and sweat of 10 pounds of fat.. we'll see you all soon.

NEWS - July 6th, 2006
Hope you all had a nice little vacation doing the BBQ and fireworks thing on the 4th. Suffice to say we are sure the 'powers that be' were happy to celebrate another year of tyranny, lies and deceit while waving their flags... whatever.

Just a quick message to let you know that we have just been added to a show on July 13 at Smart City Grinds, (yes, the city of Azusa calls). And don't forget our upcoming show the next day at Chain Reaction in Anaheim. Currently we're still on 'vacation' from band rehearsals after our tour. But we'll start again next week and be prepared to hear some old 'gems' that we have not played in a while. OK.. maybe calling them 'gems' is a bit of an overstatement. But it's better than saying.. "some old shit that you've been asking us to play..". As always we are the epitome of class and proper manners...

We'll see you guys soon... more shows coming. Still trying to figure out what day we are playing at 'Death or Glory' fest.. JIMMY!! Get in touch man!!
Hugs, bugs and thugs...

NEWS - June 30th, 2006
Tour is over! Got back to LA at 9 AM (after a grueling 24 hr. drive straight from Dallas). We were greeted by the usual morning traffic and the sight of brown air. The tour was amazing, so many stories; trapped in a van in 100 degree weather, too much beer, too much Subway, sleeping overnight in a Hooka Lounge.. we could go on. But right now we are still brain fried, so a short update is all we can manage to do right now.

Thanks to all of you people who attended, all the bands we played with (our new friends), the promoters who set up the shows. Most of all thanks to Ryan Ritchie (merch man / roadie) CLIT 45, COMPLETE CONTROL, THE KRUMBUMS, THE APPLICATORS and a HUGE hug too and Chris from THE VOIDS for filling in on guitar for the tour. We could not have made this trip without you.

Another thank you to all the people who've been contacting us through myspace with the kind words about the tour. You rule.. thanks for making us feel welcome in your town.

We are going to take a week off then get ready for our next show at Chain Reaction with CLIT 45 on July 14th. We'll be playing some old songs from the 'Specimen' record to change things up a bit in the set (if anyone cares..).

There will be another update soon with links to check out all the cool bands we met and played with on tour (our way of saying thanks). Maybe some pictures from tour too.
That's all we got right now.. Time to go back to sleep...
The Short

NEWS - June 29th, 2006
Made it home from tour....great time...more about that later...must sleep....new July show listed

NEWS - June 14th, 2006
The big brown van is getting a tune up and we are dusting off our sleeping bags cause it's time to get ready to tour!! Just a few more rehearsals and we'll be hitting the road with CLIT 45 on our way to many nights of no sleep, bad drive-thru food and smelling each others feet. Not only are we lucky enough to be touring (something we rarely do) but we'll be in a van with with NO AIR CONDITIONING. Sweet!!

This Saturday is the kick off show with THE VOIDS at Smart City Grinds. This will be an event as both 46 and The Voids will be sharing band members. Chris Void will be playing 2nd guitar for us (he's filling in for Andy on the whole tour). Come on down and see the spectacle.

Thanks to all of you who've been emailing about coming to see us on tour, we can't wait to leave. If any of you out there are thinking about coming to the shows, please do as we don't tour very often and who knows when and if we'll ever be able to do so again.

HELP!!! We are still currently trying to get a few shows on the way home on June 28 in New Mexico and June 29 in Arizona. If anyone can help out email us at booking@46short.com. We have looked pretty hard to find them on our own and have seem to exhausted every option. Question: why are there people with myspace profiles boasting that they organize shows and are about "supporting the scene". Yet can't be bothered to respond to emails from touring bands looking for help ?? Fuck you very much guys.. seriously.
See you soon.
The Short

NEWS - June 9th, 2006
New interview in June issue of Denmark's LowCut Magazine.

NEWS - May 22nd, 2006
Much gratitude to the guys in BLIND ABUSE and especially Eli and THE HOWLERS for getting us on last nights show at Smart City Grinds. It's great to see people out there trying to unite music scenes and have a good time. All of the bands that played were excellent and S.C. Grinds is a great place, we can't wait to return there on June 17th with the Voids. Meanwhile, we go back to the grind of getting Chris Void in shape for the upcoming "To Texas and Back Tour". We plan on playing our next show as a 5 piece, (this the first time for the band to ever play with two guitarists). But things have progressed so well (and we like the way it sounds) we figured we'd blast 2 guitars while we can.

We have been asked to play this years "Death or Glory" fest in Sacramento. We're not sure what day we'll be playing (it's a two day festival) - but as soon as we get details we'll post them here.
Time to get back to the rehearsal room.. see you soon.

-The Short

NEWS - May 19th, 2006
Yeah, yeah, we know.. 'you guys release a record and then you hardly play any shows, what gives?.
Well explanations are in order but we wanted to make sure that we had everything straight. Presently we are "fired up" right now as our new CD "Truth Denied" is getting some props. Thanks to all of you who have bought it and have written us, your comments are deeply appreciated.

Our upcoming "TO TEXAS AND BACK" tour with CLIT 45 is just about near completion (booking wise). We have a few more shows we need to get on the way home (but that should be sorted out soon). Bad news is that Andy is unable to hit the road with us as it would be a violation of his parole. Fortunately for us Chris from THE VOIDS (thanks Chris) is going to be filling in on guitar duties while we are touring. This does not mean Andy is quitting the band, just having to 'take orders from the man' for a little while. We also have Ryan from WORK SUCKS tagging along to help roadie / sell merch (and drink our beer). This is going to be one manic tour. To say we are looking forward to this is an understatement, we are fucking stoked!! It's been a long time coming since we've done any long term road damage and we are counting the days till we leave. The big brown van will be our war machine while we endure each others body odor, bad taste in music and gastric problems.

This weekend we play Azusa with great bunch of bands. Come on down and support a bunch of locals. It shouldn't take a bunch of UK '82 bands to get you to come out and see a show. Keep your local scene alive!!!!
-The Short

P.S. Interviews in this months BIG WHEEL and SKRATCH. (If you want to read our ramblings)

NEWS - April 23rd, 2006
Holy shit.. we are recovering from this weekends shows. Friday night at the Allen Theatre was fun, we never get to play there much so it's nice to play to a different crowd. Last night Chain Reaction was a madhouse, we couldn't have asked for a better "Record Release' show. Thanks to all bands: THE VOIDS, MEDIA BLITZ (banana-core), especially THE KRUMBUMS and COMPLETE CONTROL (we'll see you pendejos in Texas!!). Most of all, we want to thank all 400+ of you who showed up to support all the bands. You guys proved to our traveling friends how great the Southern Cal. scene is. (and that you can beat the shit out of a piñata too). Lately we've heard comments like 'ohh...the punk scene is dying.. ' bullshit. You guys proved that it's alive and well, keep it up!! It's been a long time coming for us and we can never tell you enough how much your support means to us. Thank you a million times over.

We have a more local shows planned and are working on our upcoming tour with CLIT 45 that starts in late June. This is a big deal to us since we are not able to tour much, we can't wait.

As usual, show information is on the shows page. And in case you didn't know our new CD 'Truth Denied' is out now. Purchase it from your local independent record store or buy it directly from TKO Records, Interpunk or download it from iTunes. (wow.. we are so high tech now.. ). Buy it!!! Our van needs a tune up!!

-The Short


NEWS - April 10th, 2006
Our record release show at Panik Records was an amazing success. Thanks to Pixie, the Lab Rats, Blind Abuse and especially all who attended and brought canned food to be donated to the LA Food Bank. It meant a lot to see some familiar faces that had come to La Puente to see us. We had a great time and aside from a quick visit from 'the man' everything went fine. We appreciate Panik for giving us a place to play, please make sure to support them!! Fuck it, remember to support all independent punk owned and operated businesses. There are not that many across the US and they all need our help.

Our new CD 'Truth Denied' has finally hit the stores and we couldn't be happier. It's also been getting some good reviews (so far) from the punk rock community. Click here to read a review from the Now Wave website. Most shocking is we even(now this is BIG time, ha ha) got a mention in Punk Rock Confidential(The National Enquirer punk rock zine)... that was pretty strange.

We appreciate all the emails and myspace comments you have been sending regarding the new record as well. Glad to know there are people out there who like it, that means a lot to us.

Lots more 'record release' shows coming up this month April 21 and 22nd we'll be playing with Complete Control and The Krumbums in LA and Orange County (see the shows page for details). We are still working on our June tour with Clit 45 and it's shaping up pretty well. As soon as we can, tour dates will be posted.

That's all for now. Thanks to all for all the support you have given us, you all rule.
The Short

NEWS - March 25th, 2006
Our new CD 'Truth Denied' is now available for sale on the TKO records webstore!!!! Click the banner below to go straight to the TKO webstore and get yourself a copy (or two) of our latest masterpiece of noise. Ordering direct from TKO or Interpunk will get you a free 46 SHORT patch and pin with every order (while supplies last). So do it now!

Truth Denied has already gotten one review from the website punkupdates.com click here to read it. We've also been doing a lot of interviews for the record. As soon as we can, we'll post links to them for your reading pleasure..

We have a few record release shows planned in April. Coolest of all is that we are playing a free show at Panik Records in La Puente. Since the show is free we are asking everyone who comes to bring a can of food that will be donated to the L.A. food bank to help feed the homeless. So please bring something. We've been learning some older material that you've been asking us to play as well so expect a few suprises. As usual all show info can be found on the shows page or on our nerdspace profile.

With the release of a new record means touring is in order so this summer we are going to be hitting the road. Right now plans are being made to hit the road in June with CLIT 45 and work our way to Texas. After that we'll tour to the north-west and hopefully later an east coast run. Since we have limited time (due to family and work commitments) we hope anyone interested can make it to the shows. We are not a regular 'touring band' as much as we'd like to be.. sucks to be us.

That's all for now folks. Keep on, keepin' on.
The Short

NEWS - March 1st, 2006

Special "Thanks" to A Global Threat for a great string of shows last weekend. Also, to all the bands and everyone that came out to support. As some of you know, the show at the Showcase Theatre was filmed. The live sets of A Global Threat, The Stitches will all eventually see the light of day as separate projects or DVD's. There are no immediate plans for our film footage from the Showcase show as of yet. But if and when anything happens with it we'll probably try and post some footage and/or live audio if and when we get it. Answer this question.. does the world really need a 46 Short live DVD?? hmmmm...

As you might know by now, we are waiting around for April 4th to hurry up and get here. This is the release date of our 3rd full-length entitled "Truth Denied" coming out on TKO records. We will be doing some record release shows in April and then making plans to get on the road and out of town to support the record. See the shows page for details on that....

Recently we have lost some important people involved in the world of punk rock music. They will be sorely missed and it is a good reminder to live your life to the fullest day by day.

Stay punk rock,


NEWS - February 1st, 2006

A sad day for punk rock. On Mon. Jan 30 founding member of POISON IDEA Tom Roberts (AKA Pig Champion), died in his Portland, Oregon home. Poison Idea have been a big influence on hardcore punk and the music 46 Short (especially on our upcoming CD). Described as "spectacularly fat", and "the single largest man in hardcore history", Roberts crowned himself "Pig Champion" after hitting an impressive 450 lbs. on the scales. Fans all over the world will morn the loss of this punk rock legend. If you haven't heard Poison Idea before. Do yourself a favor and pick up 'The Best of Poison Idea' or 'Kings of Punk' CD and educate yourself on this important band, you will not be disappointed. Meanwhile, we'll be at the bar raising our glass in memory of Tom. Cheers big guy....

We'll be playing 3 shows with A GLOBAL THREAT Feb. 18, 19 and 20. Get the info on the shows page. See you there..
-The Short


NEWS - January 14th, 2006
Thanks to all who came to our Jan. 13th show at Chain Reaction. Not only was it a great turnout but you guys in the crowd made so much noise our ears are still ringing.. ok, that's an exaggeration. But we had a great time and judging by the crowd response, we think you did too. Sorry we were not able to play some of the songs you were shouting at us but rest assured Nick is working hard to learn more songs so we can start changing up the set very soon. Thanks to CLIT 45, THE VOIDS, ALL OR NOTHING H.C. and especially to Johnny and the HOMESICK ABORTIONS for playing amazing sets and helping make this show go off.

"TRUTH DENIED" street date - April 4th!!!
This time we mean it department: We have the OFFICIAL release date for our next CD. Yes, we know it's been delayed a bit, but 'Truth Denied' will be in stores on April 4th. Honest!! If the record gets delayed again Mark Rainey (TKO records head honcho) says we can kick him in the nuts. Since he's willing to put the family jewels on the line, we figure he's being straight up. So there you have it APRIL 4, new CD out.. save your pennies.

This week sees us practicing not only in the rehearsal room but on the bowling lanes as well. We will be participating in the annual Punk Rock Bowling Tournament in Las Vegas on the TKO Records team. We'll either come home with an awesome trophy or an devastating hangover (probably the latter). Regardless we intend on having a great time and will also get to play a show with CLIT 45 and THE VOIDS at The Clubhouse (show is all ages). Vegas is going to be overrun with punks, it promises to be quite a sight.

So far February is going to be a busy month and we'll be playing a grip of shows. Three of them with A GLOBAL THREAT. Keep your eyes here and on the myspace page for info.

So far 2006 has been shaping up to be a great year for the band and a lot of it has to do with all of you out there that have been so supportive. Thanks a ton for the emails and myspace comments. We know it sounds cliche, but we really do appreciate the attention you have given us. You guys rock.

The Short


NEWS - January 2nd, 2006
More Shows added!!! Check shows page for details. Thanks for all the support in 2005.

NEWS - December 21st, 2005
New Show added with Clit 45, The Voids, All or Nothing H.C., Homesick Abortions, and Dead to Me!!! Check shows page for details. More in the works... Hope to see you this Friday at Showcase Theatre...

NEWS - December 14th, 2005
Thanks for a cool show in San Marcos... we'll see you on the 23rd at the Showcase Theatre.
More show info coming soon.....

We got some new stickers. If you want some, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
46 SHORT, P.O. Box 3980,   Long Beach, CA  90803

NEWS - November 20th, 2005

No really, we are going to start playing shows again...

That's right two upcoming shows in Dec. (and there might be one more..). After a long break to work on the record (and to wait for Andy to get out of jail) we are ready to hit the stage with our new drummer. Expect to hear a few new songs as we are stoked on our new CD and can't wait to start playing this stuff live. Of course we know you guys want to hear the older songs, but wait till you hear the new tunes. You'll be saying.. 'Fuck that old noise..' in no time. Come and see us either in San Marcos, CA (w/ THE VOIDS) or in Corona, CA (w/ CAREER SOLDIERS) make sure to get to both shows early. San Marcos is a matinee show and their making us play early at the Showcase Theatre and we'll need all the support we can get after taking such a long break. Shit, does anyone even care that we are playing again?

We have decided to postpone the release of 'Truth Denied' till late Feb. or early March so we can play more shows before it comes out, plus since we plan to do some touring, we don't want it coming out till we can actually hit the road. We are sure most of you won't be losing any sleep over the record being a bit delayed.. but if you could fake being dissapointed that would sure boost our ego's.

Anyway, thanks for all the cool emails and comments we have been getting about the new songs on the myspace profile. Glad you like them as much as we do.. can't wait to start playing live again. It's going to be a blast.
-The Short

NEWS - November 17th, 2005
New show added!!!

NEWS - November 7th, 2005
Well, our good karma finally came through...
What we thought was going to be a long and tedious process was nothing of the sort and our task of finding a new drummer is over. Nick Manning has taken over as the backbeat of 46 Short.
Actually, Nick was our drummer 4 years ago and we are more than happy to have him back. It looks like we'll be playing shows again in December so come and see us with the (not so new) family member and bring him gifts, or money... or whatever.

We also want to announce that we have posted 2 brand new songs from our upcoming CD on our myspace profile. So go there and check them out. Hope you like them.
Next time we post here we'll have showdates listed. This will end our 4 month break from performing live, hope your ready to get sick of us..

The Short

NEWS - October 25th, 2005
Time for a long and very overdue update. Apologies to those who've been checking in to see what we are up to and seeing the same old crap on here.

Anyways the new record is finished! "TRUTH DENIED" has 13 songs that blast away in 24 minutes. We feel this is some of the best songs we have written yet. (Yeah, yeah, we know bands always say that when they record something new but we really mean it.) Some songs included are "Damned Nation", "Poor Mans Plague", "Nothing's Left" and we FINALLY are going to put "Human Race" on a record. Looks like this thing will be released end of January on TKO Records.
Keep your eyes peeled on our myspace page as we'll be posting 2 new songs from TRUTH DENIED for you to check out soon. Hope you like em.

Tons of other stuff going on. We finally moved our gear to San Pedro and escaped the tweeker and roach infested hovel (once known as the basement studio we shared with CLIT 45 and CIRIL).
Our bands are now in a nice clean, studio with no vermin, and crack heads bugging us while trying to rehearse. Plus we actually have air conditioning.. nice.

Thanks and we'll update again soon with upcoming show dates.
The Short

NEWS - October 20th, 2005
The new record is finished and off to mastering!!! Time for a beer or two...

NEWS - September 20th, 2005
Well, you probably heard that Wasted Fest is cancelled...there might be some shows for the out of town bands.
We have been back in the studio this week finishing up the last 2 songs for the new record. We are also working on getting the artwork together. Things are starting to come together and hopefully we can give you a release date and news on upcoming shows real soon. Thanks for the emails and support. Hopefully things have been going well for all of you. Take it easy.....

NEWS - September 6th, 2005
Lo and behold.... an update. After many weeks of hiding in a bunker and keeping to ourselves, finally the truth can be told. What have we been doing this summer? Nothing.
OK, that's a partial lie.

Well one thing that happened this summer was we were evicted from our rehearsal space, then we we were un-evicted. Yet considering the fact that the owner there is a slumlord. We just said screw it and decided to move anyway. So goodbye to Long Beach and the hello to San Pedro. The drive might be a bit longer for us (and our studio roommates). But at least we won't miss the tweekers, roaches and the dumbshit upstairs who runs the health food store. Good Riddance to you all, have a nice life.

We are still putting finishing touches on our (still untitled) new CD. You see, certain people in the band took their damn time in writing lyrics for a couple of songs so things have moved a bit slower than usual. We can say that this new recording is definitely our favorite so far. No metal riffs, no breakdowns (with china crash) and no lyrics about our girlfriends. Also this new release will be on TKO Records! Our new agreement with TKO has us really excited as not only is head honcho Mark Rainey a swell guy (and sharp dresser). But we'll be label mates with quite a few amazing bands. Also now that we are official 'TKO artists' this means we are allowed to join the TKO bowling team..... life is good. If all goes as planned our new release will be out in January. We'll also have some new songs posted online for you to check out closer to the records release.

Another good perk to being on TKO is that we will end our summer break by playing on Oct. 9th at the WASTED festival in San Bernadino (on the TKO stage, of course). We would list who's playing but you should just click on the banner above and see for yourself.

Thanks for hanging in with us through our break. The emails saying 'hurry up and play a show' and 'hurry up and finish your new record' are all appreciated. We promise to start booking shows again and make you all sick of us in no time. And that's no lie.........
-The Short

NEWS - August 29th, 2005
It's been a while since we updated this shit so I thought I would keep you in the loop. We have two songs that we are finishing the vocals on for the new record. We got a couple dates in September with Jerry "Fuck Yea" Adamowiz to finish things up. We are also currently working on album titles and artwork concepts. We don't like to rush into things (especially when you have to see it on your shelf 10 years from now). We have some other news rumblings that we will let you in on shortly. For now we just wanted to let you know that we are alive and well and hard at work at what we think is going to be the best 46 SHORT record to date (at least in our minds). If you want to say "what's up?" or give us some shit, you can also visit our nifty myspace page. ..CHEERS!!!

NEWS - July 20th, 2005
Thanks to everyone that came out to the show last Saturday!!! Special props to the people up front singing along. As mentioned before, that will be it for us until the fall. So get ready for us to do a string of shows when we get back on the circuit in late September/October depending on how things go for Andy.

RECORDING UPDATE: Just got back from the studio tonight. More fine tuning and experimentation with different mixes. We are getting closer but we don't want to rush anything and we are really striving for something we can be really proud of releasing. No info on release date but we are shooting for October at the earliest. When we figure things out we will post it here. Thanks for all the support!!! 10 years is approaching...

NEWS - June 26th, 2005
Finished tracking 15 of the 17 songs we went into the studio to record. Lots of work but we are really happy with things so far and ready to get back into the studio in a couple of weeks to finish things up. We will keep you posted on the details as they develop. Hope to see you at the show on July 16th!!!

NEWS - June 21st, 2005
Our show with THE VARUKERS was amazing. Thanks to all of you who came to support us and to the bands who played, SCARRED FOR LIFE, LAB RATS, and DEATH MARCH.

We have one more show and then we take the rest of the summer off to finish up the recording of our new record, plus our guitarist has to go away for a while. Anyway, July 16 is the date of our next show and the venue is Chain Reaction. Yep, good ol' C.R. is doing it again. Since you guys have been so cool and not been drinking, fighting and f@#king around with the place they are going to have a real punk rock show. Hey, it beats driving all the way to L.A or Corona every time right? You can get the info on the show from the shows page.

This weekend we venture back into the recording studio to do more work on our next record. Some guitar parts and vocals need to be recorded. We look forward to returning to the Adamo compound in O.C and locking ourselves away from sunlight, proper food, and smelling each others body oder for 72 hours straight.. Good times. Hey, who said that punk rock was glamourous right??

As far as record title, we are still undecided on what to call the new disc. Some ideas have been thrown around like. 'George Bush Can Suck it..' but we thought that was too obvious. Other ideas we had were 'Popejoy Takes the Ham', and 'You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can't Tuna Fish" then we came to the conclusion that those were just lame. Email any title ideas you may have to iamsmarterthanyou@46short.com

Till next time,

NEWS - June 15th, 2005
Spent all of last weekend in the studio. Got drums, bass and guitar tracks down for 16 songs. We'll be back in a couple of weeks to finish the guitar tracks and vocals. Long days but lots of fun so far.
Really looking forward to this weekends show!!! This will be one of the few that we are doing this summer so come out if you can!!!! Great bands and your one and only chance to check out the Varukers at the SHOWCASE plus our friends Scarred for Life are back in FULL force with Raygunn on lead vocs. SEE YOU THERE!!!!


NEWS - June 6th, 2005
Updated "Releases" page to finally include partial discography.

NEWS - June 4th, 2005
Next week will be going into the studio to begin recording our 3rd full-length. We are obviously very excited to get started on this and have something new to release in the fall.

We will be recording again at Adamo's Studio with Jerry "this ain't disco" Adamowiz running the controls. He is responsible for lots of great recordings (F-minus, Lower Class Brats, The Briggs, The Hunns) and he is really knowledgable and easy to work with.

Looks like we will be working with 16 new songs.... More details to come but here are some of the working song titles: Poor Man's Plague, In Harms Way, Ashes, Cancer, Kill the Lights, Stranger, M.O.S.


NEWS - May 24th, 2005
Last night our drummers brother passed away....Richard Dwight Atkins (Rick).....11 days after his 30th birthday. He was very supportive of the band and Nathan and came to many of our shows including the recent one at Chain Reaction with his oxygen tank in tow...... Our thoughts go out to Rick and the family.

1975 - 2005



NEWS - May 18th, 2005
Varukers show is a month away. Hope to see you there!!! This will be one of our few summer shows since we will be busy recording.

NEWS - May 4th, 2005
Thanks to everyone that came out to the Chain Show!!! Once again you guys proved that punk rock is still alive and well in So. Cal..... Next show for us is with The Varukers at the Showcase Theatre in June. Check the shows page for more details. I know you guys think we are a bunch of lazy S.O.B.s but actually we are really busy getting ready for our recording dates in June and July. It's looking like we will be recording 15 - 17 songs for a our 3rd full-length release.

We seem to sell a buttload of pins and patches.... where do they all go???? Send us pics sporting your 46 SHORT gear and maybe will post up in the pics section.

Lastly, with summer approaching it's time to head down to the beach. The sad thing is that too often the beaches our closed due to high levels of contaminents. This is fucked. Do what you can to take care of this earth.... it's the only one we got.

NEWS - April 19th, 2005
No show this weekend (April 23rd).
Come see us on April 30th at CHAIN. Also added a show date with the VARUKERS!!!! Check shows page for more details. Lots of new songs coming together for our upcoming recording dates. This will be our 3rd full-length..... thanks for all the support.

NEWS - March 29th, 2005
Well it's going to be a busy, busy couple of months for us and we hope some of you will join us in the festivities. We're busy writing more and more songs so we can start recording our next record in June. And we have shows coming out our ass.. (OK, that's a lie, but we have a lot of shows coming up). We'd like to thank the people in ALL OR NOTHING H.C., M.D.C. and SCARRED FOR LIFE for helping us out and asking us to play with them.

This weekend we head out to Havasu City, AZ to enjoy spring break at Club Underground with ALL OR NOTHING H.C. We've already prepared ourselves for a rowdy time. Our G-strings and rollerblades are packed so a good time is guaranteed for all.

Summertime promises to be a great one as well since we'll also get to play with our friends THE VARUKERS. While most of the other UK bands have gotten fat, old and boring. The Varukers are better now then they were in the 80's (yes, a bold statement - but true).

Keep your eyes on our shows page (and our MySpace page as well) for show information and updates.
Wish we could tell you more news, but we are pretty boring guys right now. Come to a show and talk to us. that way we can pretend we have lives or something.

See you at the river.. (no, we're not lying..)
The Short

NEWS - March 7th, 2005
So we play in a Mexican restaurant on a weekday, it's pouring rain and what happens??
People actually show up.. Thanks to you who came to drink, have laugh and (hopefully) have a good time. It's nice to play the semi-annual bar show and it turns out to be better than expected.. WORK SUCKS and THE IGNORANT.. you guys are the best. Also special thanks to Renae and Jarrod from All or Nothing H.C. for just being great people and so supportive of us..

More and more shows keep getting confirmed, so it looks like we'll be busy playing. Also things are shaping up nicely for our follow up to 'Just a Liability', the new songs and sounding great and we keep writing more. With our vocalist cracking the whip and the patented '46 Short riff machine' in full force we hope to have more than enough songs for a real strong record. Now if we can avoid any further imprisonment, pregnancies and book store injuries we might be able to get in the studio before summertime.
Keep your eyes glued to the shows page for more details. Futhermore, if you are bored, go to our mySpace profile and become our friend. We are lonely... (or something like that).
Best fishes,
The Short

NEWS - March 2nd, 2005
New SHOWS announced!!! Havasu City, AZ with All or Nothing HC. Also we are making our first trip back to the SHOWCASE theatre since November. We will be playing with MDC, Retching Red and more. It will be a great show!!! See shows page for details and updates.

NEWS - February 14th, 2005
Valentine's Day??? Anyway, have fun with you "loved one(s)" or drinking yourself to sleep at the local bar. A BIG THANKS to everyone who came out to support at CHAIN last FRIDAY!!!! Hopefully we will see more PUNK shows at that venue in the not too distant future....

NEW SHOW ADDED: Tues. Feb.22 in the LBC with some friends bands. Check the shows page for details. We know it's a Tuesday night but it's FREE and pretty sure it's ALL AGES so do what you got to do to get there. More show info coming soon.....

NEWS - January 17th, 2005
Happy New Year!! OK, were a few weeks late but that's how we roll here in the land of the 46. We all hope you had a great holiday and are ready for another 4 years of tyranny, lies, war and religion-fueled hate. All complements of our president of course!

We have a lot planned for the new year and in true nerd fashion we now have a MySpace page. This was all due to the hard work of our friend Liz who was cool enough to waste her time on us. So here is where you go to http://www.myspace.com/46short and be our friend. We look forward to hearing from you and checking our MySpace account every five minutes like the rest of you. Sweet!

Shows are in the works now and the most current update is that Long Beach will be invading Orange County on Feb. 11th at Chain Reaction. (That's right a REAL punk rock show at the Chain). We will be playing with CLIT 45, THE ORPHANS, WORK SUCKS and The Annex. It looks like we were able to convince the powers that be to take a chance on a punk show. Hopefully if the people that attend don't act like a bunch of jerks they will let us set up more, so cross your fingers and leave your attitude at home.

Looks like we will be booking some studio time in March/April to record our 3rd full-length record. We are very excited about these songs and hope we can get something out there by early summer..... wish us luck.

Well, we are running out of things to write and don't want to bore you so we leave you now.

Hugs and thanks for the support,
The Short


NEWS - December 6th, 2004
We are lying low until after the holidays but added a brand new, unreleased MP3 - "Still Walking". Also working on new songs for a new full-length album that we will start recording in the middle of March. After a brief hiatus, our first album, SPECIMEN is available again on INTERPUNK, at punk record stores or through KNOW RECORDS. Thanks for a great year and all the support.


NEWS - November 15th, 2004
Another crazed weekend. Two shows and both were a good time. We have not played San Diego in ages and it was well worth the wait. Thanks to all of the kids who were up front singing along, CAREER SOLDIERS (for being great guys), and Willie for setting up the whole show in the first place. Those of you who didn't make it, well you missed out on a lot of fun. All the bands were great, only one toilet for the whole room, we even had fun when we caught a scumbag trying to steal from our merch table.

Saturdays Benefit Show was a huge success and a lot of money was raised for LAURA'S HOUSE (
a place that provides shelter, support, education and opportunity to women and their children who are victims of domestic violence). It was great being able to do something we like and help others in the process. We were suprized to see so many people gathered for the show. Many thanks to RISING DISSENT for asking us to play, it was an honor to be a part of the event.

This Friday we rock San Pedro at La Zona Rosa (The Waters Club) with CLIT 45. Come on out and support your local bands. It's going to rock and our drummer is going to mud wrestle Mike from CLIT 45 between the bands sets. The winner gets a brand new leather jacket with the TOTAL CHAOS logo painted on the back. You'll never know the winner unless you show up... or unless we are lying.. again

- The Short

NEWS-October 25th, 2004
Thanks to all the people at the shows this weekend. Friday night in Stockton, CA was a blast and special thanks to FRIDAY NIGHT MASSACRE and THE IMMORALS for playing as well as Nathan and all the cool people at the Blackwater Cafe. We hope to come back soon. Saturday night in Corona was our "Long Beach invades the 909" show and to all of you who came you know it was worth every penny. While Ashlee Simpson was on TV proving what a talentless turd she is, we were lucky enough to be playing with our friends. Thanks for your support because it was you who attended that made these shows great.

We have just been added to a local benefit show in Santa Ana with RESIST AND EXIST, ALL OR NOTHING H.C. and RISING DISSENT on Nov. 13th at the Mexican Cultural Center in Santa Ana. This will be a benefit for Laura's House a place that provides shelter, support, education and opportunity to women and their children who are victims of domestic violence. By attending you not only will get to see some great local bands but you can help those in need. Details are on the shows page.
Next show will be on Nov. 6th at the Allen Theater. Hope to see you there..

The Short
and their children who are victims of domestic violence.

NEWS-October 15th, 2004
Another update for the masses. Like promised, we have quite a few shows coming up, most of them are with our practice space roommates CLIT 45. So rest assured you guys are going to be sick of us in no time. Here is the roster:
Oct 22 Stockton, CA @ The Blackwater Cafe
Oct. 23 Corona, CA @ The Showcase Theatre w/ CLIT 45 & THE VOIDS
Nov. 6 Southgate, CA @ The Allen Theatre w/ THE VOIDS
Nov. 12 San Diego, CA @ The Hindquarters w/ CLIT 45
Nov. 19 San Pedro, CA @ La Zona Rosa (aka The Waters Club) w/ CLIT 45

You can get more details on all shows by going to the SHOWS page. It would be nice of you guys to come out and support some local bands for a change. It seems the only time people get excited about a show is when a bunch of burn-outs (charging $15 to $18 dollars a ticket) come to town. It's OK to go see these "reunion" bands but don't forget about the bands in your home town that are the REAL scene. Do your part to support local shows and keep your scene alive and thriving.

Interview in current issue of AMP......read interview

That's it for now..