NEWS-October 11th, 2004
New shows added. More on the way....
Also got a song on this weeks "Top 40 Countdown". You can go to their site and check it out then listen to the live broadcast on Sunday 10/17.

NEWS-October 1st, 2004
Time for another update. Finally, we have some shows to report. And more coming on the way.. looks like we will even be playing in the South Bay soon (home to Black Flag). Next show will be at the Showcase Theatre in Corona with THE VOIDS, THE RESTRAINTS and also with our "roommates" and fellow LBC residents CLIT 45 and CIRIL. That's right, Long Beach invades the Inland Empire for one night. We are making arrangements for Snoop Dogg to make an appearance and bust a few rhymes out as well. We'll keep you posted on that (unless we are lying). It's going to be a good time, so don't miss out. Don't forget about this great night of local punk rock bands. It shouldn't take some aging UK band (charging $15 a ticket) to get you to come out to a punk show so make sure to support your scene. Also new show added in Stockton, CA. See shows page for more info.

Make sure to get out there and register to vote. Although 46 Short usually keeps our politics quiet. We all agree that this years election is one of the most important ones in recent memory. NO BUSH IN 2004

NEWS-September 7th, 2004
I am sure the prolonged absence of an update on the site has made you wonder what has happened to us. Maybe a break up. or our drummer doing more jail time? Something really "punk" and exciting perhaps? Some went on vacation to swim with dolphins and shoot wild boar, others went to bars and drank way too much. One of us even ended up on an episode of "The Surreal Life", (o.k. not really). Unintentionally we took the summer off ...I guess. I am sure most of you were able to cope without a 46 Short show for the past few months. But rest assured we are setting gears in motion for a bunch of live shows and we promise you will be sick of us in no time. That's right, you'll be sitting drinking 40's with your buddies and saying.. "Man, their playing AGAIN?!! Jesus!!?" Plenty of new songs are being written and we might even play a few at upcoming shows. Maybe..

Next live show is going to be at the Showcase Theatre in Corona with CLIT 45. We don't have the full line up yet but they say it's going to be a good show so keep checking the shows page for updates on that. Oh yeah.. the date.. it's going to be on Oct. 23, more info to come soon.

Thanks to all of you who have been emailing us and giving us crap for not playing your town. Your emails are encouraging and we promise to get to you as soon as we can (hear that San Diego??).

In closing: to all of you out there who are 18 years old, please make sure to register to vote and do your part in electing our next president. Unless you want to have another 4 years with a coke snorting hillbilly frat boy representing our country we all need to contribute to the election process this year, for better or worse.

The Short

NEWS-July 28th, 2004
First, a belated "thanks" to all who attended the show on July 9th at Chain. I hope you had a good time. We certainly did. Right now a few of us band members are taking some much needed vacations from the hectic schedule called "LIFE" (ie. playing in a band and paying rent). We have some shows in the works and lots of new material waiting to be recorded. Come back soon and we will give you an update.

NEWS-July 3rd, 2004
Just a note to let you know about a show we have coming up next FRIDAY in Anaheim, California. This is a very special show for two reasons. 1) The Politically charged DROP DEAD will be playing 2) Enewetak is coming out of the closet for this super special reunion show. We hope to see you there for this great night of music. P.S. KNIFE FIGHT has also been added to this show!!!!

Special thanks to those of you that we see standing there in the front during our shows. You are truly individuals and we love you for it!!!!

We've been doing this since 1996 and we will not conform to some sort of punk scene mold and we don't expect you to either. Keep it real. You guys rock and will go far in your lives....

NEWS-June 23rd, 2004
New show added!!! DROP DEAD is coming to town and Enewetak is having a reunion!!!. Shows page for details...

NEWS-June 8th, 2004
New show added!!! Come celebrate NO SCHOOL (unless of course you flunked out and are headed to summer school); next Tuesday with The Krays, Clit 45 and The Orphans!!!! See the shows page for details...

P.S. Keep sending the used women's underwear and $100 dollar bills...

NEWS-May 26th, 2004
Just a quick thanks for those of you who came to the show this past weekend at Chain Reaction. What a great night of bands it was! Thanks to all of them, especially to the BLACK HALOS for coming all the way from Canada to play some great 77' style punk rock.

As luck would have it we just found out that a show we thought was not going to happen is actually going to happen. We are going to be playing in Phoenix, Arizona this Saturday at the Modified Arts. It's a benefit show (to help pay for an innocent victims hospital bills) so it would be great if any of you AZ punks can make it. It's going to be a great time and our bass player is going to wrestle Tyler King in the parking lot (shirtless) after the show. Worth the price of admission alone, watch Tyler cry like a baby after getting his ass kicked (OK.. that's a lie. Someone else will probably end up crying..). All the show info is on the shows page..

The Short.

NEWS-May 20th, 2004
One final reminder to come to our upcoming show at Chain Reaction this Saturday May 22nd. This will be the first real punk show we have been able to play at Chain in ages and we could not have chosen a better line up to play with. THE DISTRACTION, THE BLACK HALOS (Canada's answer to the Dead Boys), Street Trash (skateboard thrash nuts), and GRAVE FOR THE FIREFLIES. The show is only $8 and we heard that THE DISTRACTION is giving $50 bills to everyone who attends the show. (OK, we're lying.),  But it's going to be a great show and if you miss it you are going to make our drummer cry. (That MIGHT be a lie).

Well some reviews are out for our new CD and the majority of them have been giving "Just a Liabilty" much praise. The few critics who didn't like the CD seemed to NOT know what a real punk record  sounds like. (Sorry we couldn't work in a few ska-beats or write a few songs about girls so you wimps could relate). Also, thanks to all of you out there that have let us known what you think about the record. It means a lot to us. If you haven't gotten it yet. Go out and purchase or download it, whatever...

More shows coming in the near future.  We are also gonna get the merch page up and running so you can pay with Paypal or your over charged credit card. Also if you want to make a song request for an upcoming show, just drop us an email and we'll see what we can do.  Again thanks for a great show at the Showcase last month. You guys truly ruled!!!

Till next time.
-The Short

NEWS - April 26th, 2004
Holy hell. The show last Saturday at the Showcase Theatre was a blast. A crowd of 600 people showed up to see a line-up of all local bands and you guys were going nuts. That was one of our favorite shows to date and we have YOU to thank for it, we had a great time and it seemed like you did too. Thanks to ALL the bands who played (especially to Narcoleptic Youth). This was our first ever "record release show" and you all helped make it a memorable one. REMEMBER: Support your local music scene, we have so many great bands here that it shouldn't take some band from the UK to get you out of the house. (Although we wouldn't mind if GBH got their asses back out here soon)

Our next show will be in "the OC" at Chain Reaction. It's been a while since the club has done a 'real' punk show, so we are hoping that people will RESPECT the club so they might allow more punk rock on a regular basis. So...what can you do to help? Well if more people actually go inside the club to see the show, that would be a huge help. Walking around the neighborhood begging for change, drinking and causing problems doesn't make clubs want to do punk shows on a regular basis anymore. They take the heat from the Cops and then the bands have no place to play. (And no, there are no real squatters in O.C. so your spanging doesn't fly. You will find the real squats in Europe. Try the KOPI) OK. we will get off our soapbox now...Again.. many thanks for the support this past weekend. It makes all the hard work we put into doing this band worth it. No witty closing remarks or lies to tell this time. Make sure to come out and support a decent show at Chain Reaction for a change. We can only hope they will let us do more in the future. Check the shows page for details...

-The Short

NEWS - April 22nd, 2004
Well we promised a recent update, and again.. that was a lie. Sue us. The show two weeks back with the Restarts was brilliant. Hats off to Martin and Alan for organizing a great show and for the great food. Also thanks to the kids who came and respected the center where the show was held. As long as people don't ruin a good thing, they are going to do more shows. We need more DIY venues in "the OC" so don't blow it people.

This Saturday is our spiffy "record release" show with Narcoleptic Youth, The Distraction, Lab Rats and Final Solution. Make sure to attend and anyone who buys a copy of our new CD will get a free poster (we can sense your excitement already). This will also be your last chance to get a copy of the free demo CD that we have been giving out for the past year. Yep, now that we have a new CD out, you're gonna have to pay to hear some new stuff. (Or burn a copy of the new CD from your friend...). This will be our only show till late May so come on down and see a bunch of great local punk rock bands playing together. Well, this was a rather boring update. But they don't pay me to do these things anyway, so what do you expect?

Again, come to the next show. We swear it will be fun and if you don't enjoy yourself we'll let you punch Joey Bondage in the ass... no, wait.
That's a lie.

Don't have a decent record store in your town? The new CD is now available at INTERPUNK.COM

-The Short

NEWS - April 10th, 2004

Don't forget this Sunday is our show with the RESTARTS, SCARRED FOR LIFE, and CIRIL in Santa Ana. (Info on the shows page, of course). This might be your only chance to see the RESTARTS ever. If you have not heard of them, you do not know what you are missing. Be there! We also ask that you respect the show organizers and place holding the show. It's very rare that a community center will do a REAL punk show. Lets not ruin it by drinking, breaking stuff and fighting there. In other words, don't be an asshole.

Plenty of shows coming up. April 24 at the Showcase Theatre will be our "official" CD release show for "Just a Liability". Yes that's right... our CD is actually out now. But we are sure that you already know this due to the HUGE amount of publicity it has been getting. (Do I sense sarcasm??). So hopefully some of you out there can help us out by telling your local record store to carry our CD. Anything helps and believe us.. we need all the help we can get. Also we want to thank the few of you out there who have been so supportive of us this past year. All the kids who sing along, shout requests and come to say "hi" at the merch. table. It really means a lot to us. Also a special thanks for Renae and Jared from ALL OR NOTHING H.C., Nat at Puke and Vomit / Radiation Records and to our buddy Steve Garcia for all the help they have given us. You people are the BEST!

That's it for now. Another update coming in a week.. maybe sooner. Take care of yourselves and remember to register to vote. NO BUSH RE-ELECTION!!

NEWS - March 23rd, 2004
Long time, no news. (Sorry for the lack of an update but the person responsible for the news is a lazy bastard). Anyway, today is the official release date of our CD!!!. This means that you SHOULD be able to find our CD "Just A Liability" in your local record store. (You should also be able to purchase it for the low price of $10.99 at most stores). So get on out there and consume! Even better, tell your local record store to stock it (if they don't have it already). You don't have to buy it, just make them think you will ha ha ha...

Our last show at the Allen Theatre with THE UNSEEN and THE VIRUS went well and thanks for the support. The pit was moving pretty good for us, we appreciate that.This weekend we take off to Tempe Arizona with THE VOIDS to play a birthday party show for our friend Tyler King. Unfortunately the show is 21 and over (don't hate us!), but we plan to return to AZ soon and do an all ages show, be patient. Locally we play on April 11 with THE RESTARTS in Santa Ana. Don't miss out on that one. The show is only $6 and who knows when they will ever make it back to the U.S. again. And later in April we head back to the Showcase Theatre to play with NARCOLEPTIC YOUTH. You can get all the information on the shows page.

Till the next update, take care. We wish we could say next update won't be so delayed but then that would probably make us liars.
-The Short

NEWS - March 8th, 2004
We just received copies of our CD "Just a Liability" in the mail today!!! We find it hard to believe ourselves but it's finally here. It will still be a few weeks till the CD actually hits the stores but we will have copies for sale at our upcoming show this Friday at the Allen Theatre with THE UNSEEN and THE VIRUS so pick one up from us if you feel so inclined. Then again.. you might really need to buy that thong underwear with the VIRUS logo on it instead, (we are sure you would look much better in that).

We just did an interview that will be in this Friday's issue of the Long Beach Press Telegram (in the U-Entertainment section) and sometime in the near future an interview in Maximum Rock and Roll should be hitting the streets as well. That's right, with the CD's release we are becoming press whores. So expect to see interviews with us pontificating on important questions like "why did it take you 6 years to put out a new record?"(well, maybe not quite 6 years) and "will any of you be making an appearance on Extreme Makeover?".

More shows in the works for us as well. We play with the RESTARTS in Santa Ana in early April and are working on a upcoming show with NARCOLEPTIC YOUTH, THE MIDNIGHT CREEPS and LAB RATS later in the month. The shows page is the place to get the usual info.

Well that is all to tell right now. All the excitement from the record showing up has worn us out. See you at the shows this week and remember FREE MARTHA STEWART!
Actually.. no that's a lie. Screw Martha.

46 Short April 24th The Showcase Theatre, Corona CA w/ Narcoleptic Youth, The Midnight Creeps, Lab Rats and more TBA.

NEWS - February 26th, 2004
SANTA FE CAFE show is postponed till further notice!!! Spread the word...
Bad news folks.
We were just notified by Gnat / Neon Maniacs that this Friday's show at The Santa Fe Cafe has been postponed. Seems the venue is having some problems and they want to make sure everything is cool with the city before they do any more shows. We are very upset that this had to happen but hopefully it will be for the better. Please make sure word gets out about this matter and hopefully it will be rescheduled very soon.

Our next scheduled ALL AGES show is Friday, March 12 at the Allen Theatre with some little known bands called THE UNSEEN and THE VIRUS (you might have heard of them). THRETNING VERSE have just been added to that show as well so it will be a good time. Make sure to bring your dancing shoes.. no rollerblades, leg warmers or ugg boots please. We also have a bar show on Thur. March 11th with The Orphans at the Prospector in the LBC.

On a better note, According to the GoKart Records website, we are days away from finally seeing the release of our full-length "Just A Liability." The funny thing is that we are half way done writing our next record. Stay tuned lots more shows coming up and maybe we will even think about leaving town when the record comes out. Drop us an email if you have a cool all ages venue in your town you think we should play at. Take it easy and don't forget to vote on Tuesday.


NEWS - February 15th, 2004
Wonders never cease... Friday nights show at the Showcase Theatre was outstanding. Not only was it a big deal to us that we were playing a show with local bands. But all of them were great local bands HOLOKAUST, BROKEN NEEDLE, ALL OR NOTHING H.C. and THE VOIDS. Anyone who didn't attend due to the fact that none of the groups were not "cool" enough sadly missed out. It's great to share a show with a group of people that have not forgotten that punk is an attitude and not something that is released by this months favorite streetpunk label or can be purchased at the local mall. O.K enough preaching. But honestly, it was a great show and thanks to everyone who came to support us and the other bands. We had a great time and hopefully you did to.

Our next upcoming show is on Friday Feb. 27th in Fullerton and no locals have any excuse to not attend cause this show is FREE. That's right, a free punk rock show in Orange County. Thanks to Gnat at Radiation Records/Puke N' Vomit you all have a chance to get yourselves some free punk rock. Info for this one is on the shows page. Hopefully this place will start to do shows on a regular basis as long as people respect the club and leave thier attitudes, broken beer bottles and vandalism elsewhere. But then again. They probably won't (and that aint no lie folks!!!).

Go Kart records head honcho Greg Ross informs us that our CD "Just A Liability" should be available in 2 weeks. Then again.. dont' hold your breath because we aren't.
Till the next update, we bid you farewell.
The Short

NEWS - February 9th, 2004
This is starting to become a habit...
Last weeks show at Cero's was a sight to behold. Too bad most of the people that are into the band are too young to get into a bar. We ended up playing a set of material that we usually don't play live. We usually do the short, fast rules set most of the time. Regardless, we had a great time playing with NEON MANIACS, THE DIDGETS and THE ORPHANS and were shocked to see the numerous people that had shown up on a thursday evening (you drunks). Thanks to the amount of liquids ingested after our set...hangovers were in fashion the following day. Fortunately no arrests or overly embarrassing acts occurred during or after we played.

As expected, our full length CD "Just A Liability" will NOT be in stores on Feb. 10th. It's a good thing we didn't try to have this weekends show be our record release party because now we would look like total asses. Why the delay again you ask? Well, it seems that certain members of a government organization were worried that the hidden messages that we recorded in select songs on the CD would incite people to start some sort of killing spree. Well.. not really. That's a lie. But it certainly sounds a lot more exciting than us telling you the truth which to be honest is that we don't know why the damn thing isn't out yet. But the powers that be at Go Kart have assured us that the record will be made available soon. (We think the delay might have something to do with Murray the Go Kats alleged addiction to catnip and vicodin laced martini's.) As always, when we know something, it will be posted here.

Come on down to our show this weekend with THE VOIDS, ALL OR NOTHING H.C., BROKEN NEEDLE, and HOLOCAUST. Support an all local band punk rock show for a change. All the info is on the shows page.

As always,
The Short

NEWS - January 26th, 2004
Another damn update! Someone in the band must be getting paid to do this. Thanks to all the amazing people who came to the show last Sat. at the CIA. We really didn't know what to expect and were shocked to see people that came to see us way up there in North Hollyweird. Thanks to the guys up front singing along and those who were brave enough to come on stage and take over on the mic. We had a great time. The CIA is a fantastic venue, the atmosphere was too cool. You should check the place out if you get a chance. Highlight of the night was that our bassist met the owner of the CIA and found out he was star of the 80's gore film "Blood Diner". Thanks to the guys in THE SUBJECTS for organizing the show and asking us to play. Also to THE HAVOC and CAREER SOLDIERS for being great guys, it's always great to play with them.

Upcoming we are going to be playing on Feb. 5th at Cero's in Anaheim w/ THE ORPHANS and NEON MANIACS. The show is 18+ because there is a bar. But if you are old enough, come down cause it's our singers birthday. Buy him a drink and watch us behave like primates after having a bit too much bar hospitality. For all you underage people we are playing Feb. 13th at the Showcase Theatre with THE VOIDS, ALL OR NOTHING H.C., BROKEN NEEDLE and HOLOCAUST. Since the show actually happens on Friday the 13th.. lets hope none of us gets thrown in jail or catches fire. As always the details are on the shows page.
-- The Short
P.S. Feb. is officially "talk about yourself in third person" month.

NEWS - January 20th, 2004

Thanks to all who came to the show on Feb. 18th. Aside from a few minor issues the show went off great and the club wants to have us back soon. Great sets from all the bands that played: STREET TRASH, LAB RATS, THE ANNEX and THE MACHETES plus quite a bit of behind the scenes action happened as well. A near bout with projectile vomiting, a trapped mink, friends ACTUALLY showing up to see us for once and a rather large skinhead tossing used thong underwear at our bass player. Many thanks and praise to Mitch for setting up the show and to Chris for making a really cool flyer to promote it with. Our upcoming show this Saturday promises to be an interesting one as well so try to make it if you can. We have lot more coming so keep an eye out on our shows pages for details. Plus if you sign up for our email list we will be sure to annoy you as much as we can.
Wow.. two weeks in a row with updates.. something bad is bound to happen.. we can feel it.

Also, check out the two new 46 SHORT MP3's off of the upcoming record on the Go-Kart Records site.

NEWS - January 13th, 2004
It's been a while since a REAL update has been posted. Then again not much has been going on with Team 46. (Watch me do my magic and make something out of nothing). In all honesty, we have been rehearsing and writing new songs. The stuff is actually pretty good too. We will be playing a few of the newer ones at upcoming shows. We have been making jokes that by the time our new record "Just a Liability" actually comes out (on Feb 10th), we will have a new record already recorded for release. The way our luck has been running, it could happen. Lets just hope none of us ends up in jail or gets our rollerblades stolen.

And since we have a new CD out soon that means we are going to be playing more shows. (Yes, we actually intend to play more than once every two months this year). So far we already have a good group of shows arranged and we are looking forward to get out of town sometime soon as well. All upcoming show info is on the shows page. Thanks to Gnat at Radiation Records / Puke N Vomit for getting us two upcoming shows. The man is a saint.

Our show this weekend is an important one as it's the first time in years that we have been able to play an all ages show in our hometown of Long Beach. Hopefully a lot of you out there can make it and we can convince the owner to take a chance and have more punk rock shows there. It's a great line up of bands and there is even a bar for the old timers to sip on whiskey sours and margaritas while the kiddies slam the night away. Also.. if anyone over 30 years intends to get in the pit. We highly recommend caution as we don't want anyone to break a hip.

On another note: Our record label head honcho Greg Ross (Greg Kart to his friends.. well not really.) has given up on the East Coast and moved out to Los Angeles. Welcome to L.A Greg. Now get yer' ass in the car and sit in dead stopped traffic like the rest of us!! We have heard Greg is becoming used to the non-stop sunshine and might even stop using such potent sunscreen. Word also has it that Murray the Go Kat has become a member of a well known "clothing optional" resort in Topanga Canyon and has gone total Hollywood. He has already been seen hanging out at the Rainbow Room with Lemmy from Motorhead.
Till next time we bid you farewell
(and that ain't no lie)

NEWS - January 8th, 2004
New show added. David from The Subjects dropped us a line and what do you know? We are playing on Sat. Jan. 24th in North Hollyweird with The Havoc, The Subjects and more. The show is at the California Institute of Abnormal Arts which is home to many a sideshow shrine and relic including the skull of the smallest Freemason and some dead French clown. Bring your cameras. Check out the shows page for more details... lots more shows coming soon.

NEWS - December 29th, 2003
Added a flyer by our friend Chris for our first show of 2004 in Long Beach on Sunday, January 18th. We are hoping that this show could be the beginning of more ALL AGES punk rock shows in LB. Come out and show your support. show info>>>


NEWS - December 8th, 2003
Our show in Oakland was an amazing experience. Thanks to those of you who came to see us. We especially want to thank the Roadies for taking such amazing care of us on our visit. Cold beers and a fantastic meal (that would compete with a great Mexican restaurant) were provided and devoured. Roadie Towers prevails once again. The Slaughterhouse is one of the best all ages DIY venues that we have played. $5 door price, numerous great bands and no police to ruin a good time. Our set had a few glitches but we got through it fine. 200 drunks, bottles and cans flying and the most people we have ever seen vomiting at one show (and that aint no lie). Good times! Mikey Logic and John the Baker deserve much praise for making this happen. Plus getting to see so many of our friends from the bay area was a plus. Lets do it again soon.
Hopefully we can get the big brown van up to Sacramento to make up our canceled Capitol Garage date. Jimmy from the Whiskey Rebels is working on a new space to get shows happening again. So we hope to be there soon.

Here is a chance to listen to a few songs off of our upcoming release "Just A Liabilty". Go Kart Records and Kazaa have made a 32 track punk compilation titled "Downloading Is Not A Crime" and you can download the whole thing for FREE. That's right free!! It even comes with downloadable cover art and graphics. Free songs by 46 Short, GBH, Toxic Narcotic and more more more!!! You have to register with Kazaa first, but like the compilation, that is free as well. Go here to get to the page and get your free compilation. Speaking of our new record, it has had it's release date pushed back to Feb. 10th. We found out by going to our label Go Kart Records website. As a band, it's comforting to know that we can find out what is up with our release at the same time the public can. If any of you out there find out about our record being delayed again. Please email us, as we like to be informed...

NEWS - December 4th, 2003 (things change quick around here)
To make a long story short, things were broken at a punk show at the venue a few weeks ago and the owner does not want to take another chance. Thanks to Jimmy for trying to make it work and we hope to get back up to Sacramento soon. We hear that they are working on putting together a warehouse space ... cool. Hey, at least Andy is not in Jail this time.


NEWS - December 3rd, 2003
Time to get in the big brown van and hit the road for a few shows. This Friday we hit Oakland to play with our pals Oppressed Logic and a whole mess of other spiffy bands at the Slaughterhouse. This is the new spot opened by the fine people who used to run Burnt Ramen. Same rules apply at this place, totally DIY, totally fun. Don't screw it up people. We need more venues like this in every town. Saturday we play in Sacramento at the Capitol Garage with Pressure Point, Hannover Saints and more. Last time we played the Capitol (with Leftover Crack) we were having a great time till the local police tried to get into the show without paying. When the club refused them entry they shut the show down. (OK, that was a lie. But they did shut the show down.) We heard that the Capitol was considering not doing anymore punk shows. But they changed their minds and all is well. So tell everyone you know..THE SHOW IN SACRAMENTO IS NOT CANCELED. (Well, that was yesterday, now it's cancelled)

Thanks out to Mikey Logic and Jimmy Calenchini for setting up these shows for us. We needed to find a excuse to get to Oakland again to see our friends Mr. and Mrs. Roadie. Plus a little bird told us that the party princess of Bremen will be in making an appearance in O-town. There will be beers flowing and many foosball games to be played. All the show info is on the shows page. Don't miss out on the fun, hope to see you there...

And now for some Fun Facts...
• 2.8 billion gallons of industrial waste will be discharged into the world's oceans.
• 329 million gallons of untreated sewage will be discharged off our nation's coasts.
• 79 thousand gallons of petroleum will find its way into our country's waterways.
• 37 beaches throughout the U.S. will be closed or posted as "hazardous."
For more information regarding our oceans and waterways contact Surfrider Foundation.

NEWS - November 17th, 2003
Thanks to all the people who came to this weekends shows.
Stockton was a blast, and how could it not be? The city boast the highest quota of pizza restaurants in any US city. The people at the show were going nuts, lighting fires, shooting guns, and looting while we played. (Oh wait... that is a lie). We cannot thank Russ and the kids from BEYOND YOUR EYES enough for hosting the show for us to play (as well as taking care of us). Go to the the bands website and check them out. They impressed the hell out of us live, hopefully they will be coming to LA to play a show soon and we also hope to hit Stockton again in the future. You guys know how to have a great time... and make a mean pizza as well.

Sunday at the Allen Theatre was a blast for us as well. Getting to see so many of our friends and also playing for a bunch of people that have never seen us before. Seems that a lot of people were into it and we thank you for checking us out. Hats off to all the people who sat in the seats during our set as well (the whole night for that matter)... we love when the elderly come to a punk rock show. (We wouldn't want anyone to break a hip now, would we?) Good times... Toxic Narcotic blew the kids away and what can we say about the UK Subs except they proved once again why they are one of the greatest punk rock bands in the world.
That concludes another exciting update in the land of 46 Short. Stay tuned for the next chapter titled: "Taking the Ham AKA: Meal on Wheels"

NEWS - November 11th, 2003
Greetings all. Go Kart Records MP300 has finally been released this week. If you have not picked this up already, you don't know what you are missing.This compilation contains 300 songs in mp3 format, (so you have to play it on your computer.. but don't worry.. they give you instructions on how to take your fave songs off of it to burn your own CD's). Numerous great bands.. A Global Threat, Against Me, Virus Nine.. too many to mention 150 bands 300 songs all for $9.99, not a bad deal. Our two contributions are " Numb" and "Positively Negative" songs you might know if you have seen us play more than a few times.

More live shows in preparation for the release of our CD "Just a Liability" on Go Kart Records in January. We warn that you won't be able to avoid us in 2004. This Friday we head north to Stockton, CA and the following Sunday we play at the Allen Theatre in Southgate, CA with the UK SUBS, as well as with our friends TOXIC NARCOTIC. Make sure to get to the show early to catch THE MIDNIGHT CREEPS and ALL OUT ATTAK (a new band we have been hearing a lot of great things about) we are sure it will be worth your time.

More shows are coming up, as usual you can find that info on the shows page.
Make sure to wear your seatbelt, floss your teeth and always remember that
no matter what your friends say.. they are all out to get you.

Jan. 18th Long Beach CA @ Di Piazza's w/ The Machetes, The Lab Rats, The Annex, plus more TBA (SHOW IS ALL AGES)

NEWS - November 4th, 2003
-New Show Added: Friday, Nov. 14th - Stockton, CA
Thanks to everyone who came out for the benefit show last week. Great to see the scene come together and support eachother in such a positive way.

NEWS - October 27, 2003
Looks like Go-Kart records is trying to get their street team back together which means that you have a chance to get FREE SHIT for getting the word out about Go-Kart bands (including 46 SHORT). If you are interested, then email Crystal and tell them you want free stuff in return for your troubles. It says that you need to "please include your name, address, phone number, email, t-shirt size, your favorite Go-Kart bands and city. Here is the email address:

-SKRATCH Magazine gives love
Yes, right before hell froze over. 46 SHORT got a favorable live show review in the infamous ZINE. (for whatever it's worth). We must admit that the writing was spectacular with a nice use of adjectives. You can read it for yourself at:

Sat. December 6th @ Capitol Garage, Sacramento
w/ Pressure Point, Hanover Saints (Facedown Records), Blood Money (members of the Whiskey Rebels), and War's Crew
15th & L St. Downtown Sacramento
All AGES, 7pm, $6


NEWS - October 10, 2003
We have just been added to an important benefit show at Chain Reaction on Oct. 29th.
On Sept. 29th a group of people fell three stories to the ground when they were accidently pushed through a windowpane at a DIY show space called the Solar Haus in Blacksburg, VA. One person was killed and five were critically injured. All profits from this benefit will go to the victims of this horrible accident and we urge all of you that can attend to do so. Those who can't come but would like to help out with a donation (even a dollar helps), you can click here for more information on how to do so.

This Sunday we play in Hollywood with NAKED AGGRESSION at the Knitting Factory. This is one of two local shows they will be doing and there will be no more so don't miss out. Since this is a matinee show it's safe to assume that we are playing around 4PM so if any of you have any interest in seeing us it would be smart to get there early. We heard that our new governor elect "The Terminator" is supposed to show up. But he just might hang out on Hollywood Blvd. spanging with all the gutter punks like he usually does. (He has been known to rock the 40 oz.). OK, that was a lie.... as usual send all complaints to our singer.. he writes this stuff..
46 Short.

BENEFIT SHOW: Oct 29 @ Chain Reaction w/ Death By Stereo, Destruction Made Simple and more TBA. all ages


NEWS - October 3, 2003
We have a few shows coming up. We just got on a show with the UK SUBS in Los Angeles and most importantly with a reformed NAKED AGGRESSION. You can get info on both from the show page.

The release date for our album has been pushed back till January. Not that it matters much to most of you, but since the damn thing has been recorded so long ago we just want to get it out. We have been writing so much new material that by the time the record comes out we will already have a new full length written. Hell, we’ll just keep cranking the stuff out and eventually we will have enough material for that 46 Short box set... Oh wait.. That’s a lie..

Once the record does come out we will try our hardest to get out there and play more live shows. We are planning on a trip up north to Sacramento and hopefully the Bay area as well. Maybe even hit up Phoenix, AZ if we can get that bastard Tyler King to get us a show.. (just kidding.. We love you Tyler..).

Anyway, that’s all for now..see you at the Falcon and don’t forget your rollerblades..

NEWS - September 22, 2003
We have a couple of songs coming out on the ground breaking Go-Kart MP300 comp coming out on November 4th. It features 150 bands and 300 songs on a double CD in the MP3 format for $9.99. Here's the press release>>>
It also has it's own website:Go-Kart MP300 Raceway

Lots of new shows in the works. We will post the details as soon as they are finalized.


NEWS - September 10, 2003
One of our friends has a cousin missing in Auburn, California!!!
click here for details.

NEWS - September 7, 2003
The artwork for the new release was mailed off to GoKart!!! We will let you know as soon as we get a release date.

NEWS - August 16, 2003
Show added for October
Knitting Factory, Hollywood
Sunday, October 12

Naked Aggression
" CD Release Party for the Gut Wringing Machine"
The Fixtures
$10, doors @3pm

*NEWS FLASH* - August 12, 2003
We just got added to this Fridays Casualties show at the Whiskey.
Hope you all can make it. We go on first so get there early!!
August 15 @ The Whiskey
The Casualties
The Briggs
Wanted Dead
46 Short
Bands start at 8 PM sharp..

NEWS - August 10, 2003
Thanks to everyone that came out to the show last night. Good sign that punk rock is alive and well. We should have some new info on some upcoming shows real soon. We will post when we get the details. The cover art for the new full-length release is finished!!! Now we just need to flush out the rest of the design and hand it over to Go-Kart records for production. We are hoping for a late October/early November release date.


NEWS - August 1, 2003
First the good news..
Our Aug. 9th show at the Glass House is going to be our first show in many, many months. We promise not to get thrown in jail or die before show time. We also received the finished artwork for our new record and it looks amazing. Artist Tom D. Kline has outdone himself. As soon as the layout is finished we will have the cover art posted here for your viewing pleasure.
And now for the bad news...

On Friday July 25 our friends in the band CHEAP SEX were involved in a major accident . Lead guitarist, Johnny O. is in the hospital with a torn aorta to his heart and two other members suffered minor injuries. John was airlifted to the hospital where doctors performed emergency open-heart surgery, saving his life. You can read more about the accident by going to Please send get well emails to the band.

We will be playing some benefit shows to help Johnny with the severe medical expenses. Adi from the NY Relx and is taking donations for Cheap Sex as well. So if you can spare a few bucks mail them to her at Adi @ Punknite, 420 Conant Ave. , Union NJ 07083. Any little bit helps. Show your support to others in need. That's all for now..see you on Aug. 9th.


NEWS - July 10, 2003
First the good news. Now that all the logistics are finished, we can finally announce that our new album 'Just a Liability' is going to be released on Go Kart Records. Yes, the same label who has put out music by Toxic Narcotic, The Varukers, The Lunachicks, Anti Flag and Icons of Filth has decided to take a chance on us. (Stranger things have happend). We are hoping for a September or October release date. The artwork is still in progress and there can always be some sort of delay so we won't know for sure when an actual release date is set. Another bit of good news is that we will, (MOST DEFINITELY WILL), be playing on Aug. 9th with THE VIRUS at the Glass House. Only thing stopping us from making this show is if one of us dies.. (shouldn't say that..). And we state this only because we have just found out that we have been dropped from the H20 show at Chain Reaction on June 26th. This cancellation is beyond our control as H20 chose to have another band play with them (thanks a lot guys!!!). So save your money if you planned on coming to see us that night and come to the Glass House instead (see the shows page for complete line up). There is going to be plenty of great bands, circus animals, fire breathing sword swallowers, and we heard that Justin Timberlake is going to do a suprize set with The Havoc. OK.. we just made that up....

go Kart logo

NEWS - June 24, 2003

Sometimes you just get hit with bad luck. Although things on our end have been productive. (Trying to get the artwork for our upcoming record finished and constantly writing new songs) We just can't seem to play a live show, no matter how much we want to. Andy's arrest the cause of our most recent cancellation. (He claims he wanted to get one of those cool orange jumpsuits that they give you in jail). Meanwhile we have grown restless. Apologies to all for the misinformation going around but we will not be playing the shows on June 25, 28 or July 4th. However we most definitely will be playing with H2O at Chain Reaction (see shows page for info) and plenty others in the near future.

Tom D. Kline is working on the artwork for our new CD. Tom is the man/boy responsible for most of the brilliant art you see on US Bombs and The Hunns covers and shirts. He also did a record cover for Oppressed Logic a few years back. Now if we could just get the legal nonsense sorted out with the record label we plan on dealing with, all would be well. (Yeah, right). Anyway, what more to tell?? Hmmm. well, the new record will be called "Just a Liability" and will contain 14 tracks on it. We recorded it with the helpful ear of Jerry Adamowitz (engineer of many great records by US Bombs, F Minus, The Stitches and countless others) at his studio in Garden Grove, CA. Rest assured, while our worthless excuse of a president was sending people to kill and die for oil in Iraq, we were working hard to provide you with the finest example of noise therapy for your listening and (slam) dancing pleasure. We are quite proud of the little piece of noise we created and hope to have it out by August.

Thats' about all to tell right now. Amazing how you can fill up so much space without really saying much. Hope to see you at some of the upcoming shows, say "hi" at the merch. table or something.. we are always eager to meet new people and we might even give you some money.. no wait, I made that up..

NEWS - June 13, 2003

ANDY IN JAIL. We can't play the upcoming Showcase Theatre show on June 28. Sorry.

NEWS - May 22, 2003

Show added to the shows page!! It is with Clit 45 in June at the Showcase. (You really need to check out their website. It is great) We've got some big news in the works but we can't tell you yet. Take care…over.

NEWS - March 26, 2003

The LEFTOVER CRACK / 46 SHORT tour diary is finally up. Go here to read it.
We have finally decided on art ideas for the new LP/CD cover. Now we have to just get it drawn. Looks like we know who we want to do it as well. As to who it is, that is for us to know and you to find out, and no it's not Pushead. We think it would be a good idea to go to our next shows w/ F MINUS at Chain Reaction or with ENDLESS STRUGGLE at the Epicentre in San Diego. Click here for the show dates page. There really isn't much else to put on this update.
Till next time.....

NEWS -March 10th, 2003

Surviving police and fire marshall shutdowns of our shows. Band members getting sick, the ridiculous cost of gasoline ($2.20 a gallon in San Francisco!!) and auto accidents. We are happy to say we are back from our tour with LEFTOVER CRACK. All the shows were great, many thanks to all who came and said "hi" to us at the merch table and gave us your compliments. This was one of the best tours for us yet. We are going to have a tour diary on the site in a day or so for your amusement so check back soon.

We have some great shows coming up with F Minus and Endless Struggle coming up. Check out the shows page for details.
That's all for now folks.. thanks again for all the support you have given us. We appreciate it very much.

NEWS – Feb. 22nd 2003
Apologies to any of you who went to the Martini Lounge to find out there was no show. The venue had not finished their new construction in time and they told the promoters at the last minute that the show was cancelled. None of the bands knew this till Friday night and so the word didn’t get out in time. Clit 45 and 46 Short will be doing a rescheduled show in the future. Another change is that our LA show with LEFTOVER CRACK has been moved to Fais Do Do. It is still a 4pm matinee and the same bands are playing. Only thing different is the club. Please try to make it if you can. We leave on tour with LEFTOVER CRACK in a few days.. hope to see you at the shows.

NEWS – Feb. 20th 2003
Fais Do Do - Los Angeles. Visit the shows page for details.

NEWS – Feb. 15th 2003
*SHOW CANCELLED* SUNDAY, FEB. 16th @ Martini Lounge.
We aren't sure what happened but we know that it's not happening. See you on the LEFTOVER CRACK/46SHORT tour!!!

NEWS – Feb. 10th 2003

Thanks to the kids who came to the show at Chain Reaction last night. It was great to see you showing support for the out of town bands. The Amazombies and Roustabouts both played great sets. Many thanks to Over the Counter Intelligence for offering to play and bringing so many of their fans to the show. It was a great night overall.

Saturday we went in the studio to re-record some vocals and master our new album, so now it’s finished. (At least the recorded part of it is). All that is left to do is figure out what the title and artwork will be. All said and done, we are very pleased with it. Now it’s just more rehearsing and songwriting while we prepare for our tour later this month with NYC’s LEFTOVER CRACK. We also have a show this Sunday in L.A. with those punk rock heartthrobs CLIT 45. All info can be found on our shows page. Don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list (if you haven’t already) or just email us to say hello. Hope to see you soon.

News - Jan 28th 2003

We just got back from playing 3 shows with GBH, THE FORGOTTEN and TOXIC NARCOTIC. Thanks to all the Orange County and San Diego punks who came to support us, we had a blast playing and hanging out. It was also the first time in 4 years the band has been to play in Arizona (we'll be back soon). A lot of groups could learn a thing or two from a band like GBH. These guys are legends and treated everyone as an equal and were so kind to all the bands on the tour. It was an honor to be able to play with them, it's a shame it ended so soon.

We have added some more info to the shows page and will be playing our first show in ages at Chain Reaction on Feb. 9th. We are playing with some great bands from out of town so please come and support them, they are a long way from home. We have a show at the Martini Lounge with CLIT 45 and THRETNING VERSE. Also all the dates for our tour with LEFTOVER CRACK are up so check that out as well.

Thats all to report for now.. hopefully we'll get some graphics on this site soon.


NEWS - January 20, 2003
Lots to report. As you can see the website is getting a major overhaul.
We hope to have this updated weekly or when we have something worth
telling you about. Our next record is finished and we are preparing to
get it mastered later this month. We are not certain what the title
will be, but we can say that we are very happy with the way it came
out. We are shooting for a April or May release date.

We have a lot of shows coming up. First we join our friends THE
FORGOTTEN and TOXIC NARCOTIC for 3 days supporting GBH this weekend.
After that we have a local show at Chain Reaction with some great local
and out of town bands. Then in late Feb. and early March we hit the
road for 10 days with LEFTOVER CRACK. You can get all the info these
dates on the shows page. Also, we will be giving out free 3 song CD's
at all the shows. Come by our merch table and pick one up while they last.

Thanks for coming to the site and hope to see you at the shows.

official GBH site